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Hi, I'm Sally!

Your Facebook Advertising Consultant

Accomplishment Junkie & Dream Builder.

With a husband, 3 children, a business, and a mother who needs a lot of assistance, my time is crunched. I’m sure you can relate. Life with technology gives us more ease, but it also saddles us with more responsibility.

Life happens, and that makes focusing on our careers and businesses harder and harder. We want balance in our lives, don’t we? My goal is to teach you how to market your business with the least amount of resources and maximized results, so you can do what you’re meant to do.

Staying organized and focused on what keeps a business growing and running efficiently will keep your dream business or career ever-evolving. My philosophy is to teach you, your marketing staff, or your clients how to replace yourself, so you can reach the next level. It’s the perfect self-promotion model that works for growing businesses, getting promoted, or becoming a well-known thought leader in your industry.

Mom. Visionary. Game changer.

Life is too precious to miss out on what’s important, and to me that’s my family. My girls are growing up FAST, and I want to be able to provide for them, take them places, and show them that no matter what life brings, you can be successful if you believe that you can make things happen. Sunny (cute pup) and Eevee (funny cat) are just as much a part of our family, too.

I want to make game changers.

I want to see my girls evolve into who they truly want to be, flow with what comes their way, and lessen the stress of having to choose something not natural for them just to make a good living. The most successful entrepreneurs and C-suite executives strike the balance between technical and creative as visionaries.

Organizer of Chaos.

For 25 years, I was an actuarial statistician, organizing massive amounts of data and documents into understandable outcomes to report to executive teams of Fortune 100 and 500 companies across the USA.

It was a fantastic career, but I longed for my creative side to emerge.

Taking my analytical and project management skills from my career, I help companies organize chaos out of social media marketing by creating the blueprint that makes sense for their objectives and finding the right team to work on their projects.

My Favorite Tools

Speaking. Networking. Teaching. Promoting.

I grew up on stage in the theater singing 4-part harmonies of Broadway tunes and musical revues. Nearly every day I had vocal or piano lessons to attend in a rural area of West Tennessee. It’s what kept me going each day. 

Sharing your expertise via live streaming is just one of many ways to promote your business. Grab my free Show-n-Tell course to learn a few public speaking tips and Facebook Live tricks to help grow your audience.

Free Course

Wife of a Serial Entrepreneur.

Meet my husband, Robert. I’ve been frustrated by his entrepreneurial efforts over the years with the late nights and unpredictable paychecks. It’s a much tougher road than I ever imagined, but the passion and drive that come from being an entrepreneur are beyond anything I ever dreamed of. It’s hard to explain unless you are living it.

Because of Robert’s massive success in technology start-ups (Internet, artificial intelligence, healthcare technology), and now in railroad construction contracting, artisan furniture, and art, he has inspired me to dive into my own talents to bring them to the world.

Digital Course Creator.

Taking bits and pieces of technology required to market a business online and dissecting it into action steps seemed to be how people best respond to what I offer. Digital courses one-by-one are loaded into my online academy, creating a hub for learning, interacting, and making progress.

My academy helps you build your audience digitally, test the marketability of your offers, use the right tools to build relationships online, lay out sales funnels, monitor your advertising campaigns, and adjust them effectively in this ever-changing social media marketing world.

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