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Attract Your Ideal B2B Clients with Digital Marketing

Have you thought about using social media to attract your ideal clients that are other businesses? These days, it's so easy to reach thousands of people with social media advertising, but are we reaching the right people and saying the right things at the right time?

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Finding Business to Business Clients

Often times, people make the mistake of dismissing Facebook as a viable option for marketing to other businesses. You may think that the executives and entrepreneurs you're trying to reach will not see your Facebook ads because they aren't scrolling the news feed. You opt for LinkedIn instead.

Let me bust that myth for you that Facebook isn't just millennials and moms.

Facebook has a vast network that reaches across the globe with mobile site and app partnerships numbering over 62,000. If anyone has a Facebook, Instagram, or What's App account, they can be reached with their paid advertising system.

Let me share some statistics*:

  • Global reach
    • There are over 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook.

    • LinkedIn has 562 million members.

  • Time on site
    • 1.56 billion active users log onto Facebook every day.

    • The average Facebook user logs in 17 times per day.

    • 40% of LinkedIn members visit the professional social network each day.

    • The average LinkedIn user spends 17 minutes on the site per month.

  • Usage
    • 74% of people say they use Facebook for professional purposes.

    • Around 43% of US adults get news from Facebook. 

    • CEOs on LinkedIn have an average of 930 connections.

    • 39% of the 500 million LinkedIn users are paying for a premium account.

Join our free meetup to discuss how to attract our ideal B2B clients with digital marketing.

LinkedIn Versus Facebook Reach

In the statistics above, you'll notice that the average user on LinkedIn only spends 17 minutes per month on the platform. Per month! That's around 30 seconds a day, which is barely enough time to see anything you may be posting on LinkedIn.

That's probably why it costs 10 times as much as Facebook to reach the same number of people with paid ads. The chance of reaching your ideal clients with your content marketing efforts gets lost....and so does your money.

However, there is a time when it makes sense to market on LinkedIn. Obviously 17 minutes per month is an average, so for those who do spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, it is a viable option for paid advertising to reach your prospects. Just know it costs 10X of Facebook.

A big reason LinkedIn costs so much more is because they do not have the vast networks that Facebook can reach. The supply of ad space is severely limited. This calls for a combination approach.

LinkedIn and Facebook (and even Google) Together

One of the things that is super important is to make sure that your Facebook pixel is installed on your website. It's just as important to add Google Analytics and the Google Remarketing Tag to your site. When you install these tracking cookies, any time someone visits your website, a message is sent back to Google or Facebook that this particular person visited your site.

Once someone has been recorded as having been to your site, Google and Facebook have opportunities for remarketing ads to you to continue where the conversation left off.

For example, if you posted a great article on your LinkedIn profile that has a link to get more information on your website, and the reader clicks and makes it to your site, you can then follow up with ads from Facebook (or Google) to get them to consume more of your content. That is what remarketing is all about.

The proverbial saying is that it takes 4 to 7 touches with a brand before deciding to do business, but with the overwhelm and fast pace of digital marketing, that measurement has ticked up to more like 7 to 12 times. No one wants to repeat themselves 7 to 12 times or call or email someone 7 to 12 times to get their attention. That's why advertising is so powerful. It reaches out for you with the information your prospect needs to hear.

Join our free meetup to discuss how to attract our ideal B2B clients with digital marketing.

Content Marketing for Business to Business Outreach

What we say and when we say it to a prospect is really important. The first time you meet someone, you don't want to immediately jump into a sales pitch. That's a huge turn-off. The difference would be the setting, how you met someone, why you were introduced, etc. Obviously a referral discovery call would advance the conversation much faster than shaking hands for the first time at an event.

With digital marketing, it takes many more touches to build a relationship. This is where content marketing comes into play.

The typical order of marketing is this:

  • Brand awareness phase
    • This is the "get to know you" and "why" phase.
    • Talk about your first job or where you like to vacation.
    • Share your brand's backstory. Why was the business formed in the first place?
  • Consideration phase
    • This is the "how" phase.
    • Talk about problem solving.
    • Offer lead magnets, which are free resources that you give in exchange for someone email address or phone number.
    • Put on a webinar or challenge.
    • Publish a value video or blog post.
    • Present case studies.
  • Conversion phase
    • This is the "what" phase.
    • You're in sales mode finally. Present details of your offer.
    • Explain bonuses and give a tour of what you're selling, such as a product viewing, store tour, or screen-sharing tour of the inside of your digital products
    • Testimonials that show happy clients and success stories go here.
    • Overcome common objections that you hear to knock those out of the way first.

When you are executing the three phases mentioned above, it's important to understand the conversations that other business people are having in those moments, so you can contribute to them timely and with authority.

Let's Have a Discussion About B2B Marketing

On December 19, 2019, I am hosting a meetup to discuss how to attract your ideal B2B clients. If you'd like to be invited to this, sign up here. It's a free online video conference that will happen inside a Facebook group. Check the details on the site.

There will be a replay. If you are reading this blog post after the meetup has happened, please message me here, and I'll get you the replay link. 




*Hubspot Marketing Statistics, 2019



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