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Cold Traffic to Webinars to Sales Doesn't Work Anymore - See What Does Work

Nearly every client that comes to me wants to do a webinar where they'll pitch an offer at the end.

Nearly every client is disappointed in results....Not the results of how many signed up (we get tons of sign ups), but the results of how many showed up and purchased their offer.

Ultimately, we end up taking a different path to test the market, which is usually what I recommend up front.

But people are stubborn! They think just because Amy Porterfield has a gazillion people buy her program with her webinar formula, that theirs will bring the same results.

The difference between you and Amy Porterfield? People already know who Amy is. They don't know who you are....yet!

Use Facebook Ads to Build Brand Awareness

It used to take 7 to 12 touches before someone would do business with you. For digital marketing, it's more like 12 to 24 touches. That doesn't mean you bombard them with the same ads over and over again. You've got to shake it up and produce consistent, valuable content, and get it in front of people every time you put something out there.

If you are not producing new content at least once a week, it's time to step it up.

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Try Boosting Posts for $1 Per Day

One method called Dollar-A-Day, authored by Dennis Yu of Blitz Metrics, is to boost a lot of different posts for $1 per day to get your brand story out there to cold audiences. Test those posts to see if they bring significant engagement, and make sure they are videos.

Video is the #1 media method for social content, and Facebook makes it easy for you to measure how much of a video your viewers watch, thereby allowing you to create audiences of people who actually watched your videos more than a couple of seconds for retargeting.

Retargeting is key. It allows you get in front of people again and again with fresh content.

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The Dollar-A-Day Method of Advertising

Once you've figured out your best videos, sequence them into 3 categories: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

What I like about this method is that people who watch your brand awareness videos are filtered before you send the next stage of videos to them. That means that the people most interested in your content are kept in your marketing funnel to get more content.

If you've been following my blog, you know that the Consideration phase of advertising is when you first ask for an email address to get people on your list. You must solve a quick problem for your target audience by offering a free gift (lead magnet). Notice that this is NOT the first time your audience has seen you. They are already familiar with you because of your brand awareness videos.

It doesn't stop here though. You have to keep nurturing your new leads with information that expands on the lead magnet you sent them. It feels like a lot, but at a minimum you should have 3 pieces of new content to follow up with, not only in your email sequence, but in your advertising nurture sequence.

Then, and only then, is it appropriate to ask your very warm audience to buy your offer.

Improve Webinar Show Up Rates

If webinars are your thing, by all means, do them! Don't abandon them just because 'cold traffic-to-webinars-to-sales' is a dying art. A warmed up audience that wants to hear what you have to say needs a reason to show up to your webinars.

Consider offering a free gift for those who attend live, such as a resource that they need to continue the good work from your lead magnet.

Use Facebook ads and/or Messenger bots to remind your subscribers of the date and time. Also, send out at least 3 reminder emails to those who signed up (24 hours, 3-4 hours, 15 minutes before the scheduled time).

Hint: Use a less costly campaign objective to make sure your audience who signed up for the webinar in your custom audience receives your reminder ads. If you choose another objective that requires Facebook to filter your audience too harshly, many people will not be served the reminder ads.

Each of the items above will contribute to increasing the show up rate on your webinars.

Consider Not Selling on the Webinar

Say what? Why would you want to provide all this great information in a webinar and NOT sell something? It's simple. People are skeptical. They may need human touch before they'll buy from you. You may need to filter them into a discovery call for your next step.

On the discovery call, get to know them better by creating a real relationship. People want to trust those they do business with. Sure, sell them something on the call AFTER you've assessed their situation, understand their problem, and know that you have a solution for them. Once you've done this type of assessment, it will be much easier to close the deal.

Just make sure you ask for the sale!

Don't Give Up on Webinars

You can still do webinars and sell something on them, but most people, especially those who sell offers over $500, end up needing to get on the phone or on a video call with potential clients before money will exchange hands.



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