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Turn Clicks into Clients

 In this multi-video series, you will discover the secrets to

Turning Website Visitors into Paying Clients

through a carefully-crafted customer journey called a

Sales Funnel



What are funnels, and why are they important?

Funnels are used to take prospects on a customer journey to know, like, and trust you enough to become a paying customer.


What content do we create, and how do we deliver it?

You will discover how to have natural conversation through social media that speaks directly to your ideal client with the right information at the right time.



What web pages, email sequences, and ads are necessary?

We will go over the appropriate marketing elements needed for you to create a digital pathway that your prospects will follow.


How do we get website traffic, and keep those visitors engaged?

Not only should you create content that makes people aware of your brand, you should entice past visitors to click on your website again and again, giving them information that further builds the relationship.


How much should we invest in paid advertising?

We use a simple formula, split between three major objectives: to grow audiences of people who will recognize your brand, invite them to test your solutions, then to prep the sale to buy what you are offering.

Master Marketing Freedom!

Hosted by Sally Hendrick, online marketing strategist, statistician, and storyteller

Sally will help you create time freedom in your marketing, so you can enjoy your business....and your life!


Susan Totman

CEO Elite Web Studios

"Sally made it simple to understand marketing funnels, which was a huge thorn in my side. She has been a HUGE catalyst to getting myself and my business on the right track to propel my vision forward. Her custom tools to generate sales page content, then promote them, are more evidence of Sally's willingness to go way above and beyond."

David Jacobson

CEO Coach-Connections

"Sally has helped my membership grow by over $18,000 per month in recurring income with her sales funnel consulting and Facebook ads services. My return on investment was over 30 times in my latest launch!

Before Sally, I worked with a couple other 'strategists' and was very disappointed in results. I spent a lot of money with basically no results over a four month period. Within two weeks Sally acquired more leads than the other 'experts' did in the several months combined."


Linda Lovero-Waterhouse

CEO LLW Coaching & Consulting

"Sally has the rare skill of creating step by step outlines that are well thought out and logical, but also injecting some fun. Sally's workbooks are easy to follow and complete. She breaks down complicated subjects into smaller, digestible pieces, so doIng something like Facebook Ads for the first time is not overwhelming. I also like the fact that Sally gives a ton of information, so that the workbooks can be used over and over again and each time I pick up something new.”


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Includes Videos & Workbook



Real Case Studies

Funneling Content

Website Assets Needed

Audience Building Ads

Lead Generation Ads

Nurture Ads

Sales Ads

Comprehensive Checklist 



Wrap-Up Coaching Call



Approximately 45 Minutes of Video Watch Time


Automate Your Marketing

Discover what funnels are, the content and assets needed for them, how to send traffic to them, and how much to invest to make profit.


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