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The biggest mistake we see today is that too many businesses want to sell with Facebook ads before they've become known on Facebook.

There are three phases of marketing that make up a full-scale sales engine.

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The awareness phase of marketing pertains to growing your social following on Facebook™ and Instagram by telling stories of the ‘why’ behind your business, sharing information about your brand story, and simply growing fans and followers who interact with your entertaining and/or educational content online.

  • Video marketing is the fastest way to grow your awareness audiences.πŸ“Ή
  • Nothing is asked for in this type of marketing (ie, no email sign up or sales ask).
  • The Facebook pixel and standard event codes must be installed on your website before any advertising begins.

This is the lead generation phase of marketing to lukewarm audiences that you’ve built in the Awareness phase.

Once someone becomes a lead via a lead magnet, they are nurtured with additional content, such as tips, training, blog posts, long form posts, videos, etc, that contain added entertainment and educational value.

Webinar registrations to connect with clients, reminder ads, and nurture ads to stay top of mind can be part of this phase of advertising, where appropriate. 

This phase generally focuses on how to become the authority for entertainment and educational content in your industry. It’s not just about how to use your products or services.

How-to’s are necessary but are often seen as boring if repeated over and over. If you want to be the be-all, end-all resource for your target market, you must rise to the occasion of becoming their go-to advice channel for all things related to your industry.

Email nurture should be happening at the same time as advertising nurture.

This is the sales phase of marketing to very warm audiences that have engaged with your content, become leads in your email database, visited your website, and/or downloaded your app, if that applies.

Offers are advertised for retargeting once someone visits your sales page but does not purchase yet, among other content to help convince the shopper to buy.

"Social media success formula: Content + Engagement + Conversion. Rinse. Repeat."

~Mari Smith, Queen of Facebook


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phases of marketing

Hi, I'm Sally Hendrick, an online marketing strategist and Facebook ads expert.

For 25 years, I catered to corporate interests as a certified statistician studying employee and customer behavior by the numbers. 
Deep down I wanted to do something on my own, something that would help individual people....real people who I could inspire.
Lining the pockets of boardroom executives whose year-end bonuses eclipsed my annual salary was not lifting me up.
As a lover of travel, language, culture, and art, I was meant to explore the world, meet new people, and dive into their stories.
Having a coaching business where I get to inspire others to do the things they ❀love❀ to do instead of what they think they need to do keeps me going every day.
Are you living in your purpose with your business? Let's make that happen NOW by eliminating your marketing headaches.
Thanks for being here!

P.S. Some of the many expert badges I've earned are shown below.

Linda Lovero-Waterhouse

LinkedIn Expert
“Sally has the rare skill of creating step by step outlines that are well thought out and logical, but also injecting some fun. Sally's workbooks and videos are easy to follow and complete. She breaks down complicated subjects into smaller, digestible pieces, so doing something like Facebook Ads for the first time is not overwhelming. I also like the fact that Sally gives a ton of information, so that the workbooks can be used over and over again and each time I pick up something new.”

Kathryn Eriksen

Life Coach
“Sally - I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook, but you lead me thru the steps gently. So grateful!”

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