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The Secrets To Email Marketing

You can keep writing those emails and hope for the best, but there's strategy in keeping your subscribers happy. You must learn how to direct them the way you want them to go, and then hold their hands along the way.

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What the heck is a nurture funnel?

Sometimes people get on your email list to see what you're up to. They aren't necessarily ready to buy what you have to offer. They need "nurturing" to grow into a paying customer.

Sales funnels are the bane of my existence.

Hey - we've been there. Sales funnels are o-ver-whelm-ing! But we help you cut through the noise to produce your best content that will help you connect to your customers.

I need to track this stuff and know it's working.

Tracking is our thing! If you aren't laying the foundation to know that the pipes are working from one room to the next, you'll lose sight of which customers are going with your flow.


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