FREE CHECKLIST: Facebook Advertising Doesn't Have to Be So Hard

The Secrets To Facebook Advertising

You can keep running those ads and hope for the best, but there's strategy to making your ads convert. You must learn how to make targeting, content, and goals come together succinctly to get a return on your investment.


Where do I begin?

The very first thing you must do before you even think about running Facebook™ ads is to install tracking on your website that tells Facebook™ what activity is happening on your website.

Who will see my ads?

You either have to create theoretical audiences based on demographics and psychographics of your ideal clients, or you push information out to your warm audiences if you have them. Gathering these warm audiences is a golden opportunity for furthering the conversation about how you can help your customers.

What are the steps?

In this check list, we give you every step that must be taken care of to complete your ads. From campaign objective to audience selection, scheduling and budgeting, and then finally to the creative copy and media, you'll know the protocol to take.


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