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When our clients come to us for help with growing their businesses, 9 times out of 10, they are missing a lot of pieces to their digital sales process.🧩

It's frustrating because they've worked so hard creating amazing offers, but they aren't making any money yet with their websites.

We've all been there, so you are not alone.

Let us help you toss out the frustrations of digital marketing by introducing you to a system of tools, training, and coaching that will get you sales faster!




⚠ WARNING: This is not something you hand to your niece or nephew to do for you just because their eyeballs are stuck to their smartphones 24/7. You must be involved in the process, as this is your brand on the line. With over a billion users on Facebook, you have tremendous leveraging power at the touch of your fingertips. Please treat it with respect.⚠

What does it really mean to...

, & ?

Full-scale digital marketing is required to sell expertise online. Only doing portions of the three phases drastically reduces the results that can be achieved.


Digital marketing and advertising for coaches and professionals takes longer than e-commerce. Facebook and Instagram algorithms get smarter and smarter the more consistent you are.


Mixed messages will attract the wrong clients at the right time....or the right clients for the wrong reasons. Rather than dropping a single worm in the ocean to catch a whale, dip your pole in a pond full of hungry fish. Otherwise, it will take a long time to see results without the right combination of bait, timing, and temperature.🎣 

From the desk of aΒ social media marketing and Facebook advertising expert

who has helped hundreds of experts draw in tens-of-thousands of customers using a data-driven and genuine connections approach

Hi, I'm Sally Hendrick, an online marketing strategist.

For 25 years, I catered to corporate interests as a certified statistician studying employee and customer behavior by the numbers. 

Deep down I wanted to do something on my own, something that would help individual people....real people who I could inspire.

Lining the pockets of boardroom executives whose year-end bonuses eclipsed my annual salary was not lifting me up.

As a lover of travel, language, culture, and art, I was meant to explore the world, meet new people, and dive into their stories.

Having a coaching business where I get to inspire others to do the things they β€love❀ to do instead of what they think they need to do keeps me going every day.

Are you living in your purpose with your business? Let's make that happen NOW by eliminating your marketing headaches.

David Jacobson

CEO of Coach-Connections

“Sally has helped my membership grow by over $20K per month in recurring income with her sales funnel consulting and Facebook ads services.

My return on investment was over 30 times in my last launches!

Before Sally, I worked with other 'strategists' and was very disappointed in the results. I spent a lot of money with basically no results over a four-month period. Within two weeks Sally acquired more leads than the other 'experts' did in the several months combined."

Dr. Aisha Malik , MbChb, BSc, MRCGP

NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

"Sally is knowledgeable, dedicated and caring when it come to teaching. Her meticulous marketing knowledge and her ability to step into your shoes and understand your audience, even if it is really niche, means that you can't go wrong on her courses.

If you're not sure about your audience, Sally will help you find it.

I cannot say enough good things about her mentorship. As someone with absolutely no tech experience trying to market unsuccessfully online, I found my audience, ran a ton of ads with a minimal budget with her guidance and doubled the client base for my business within a month.

I'm really grateful that I found Sally and would absolutely recommend her. She's the real deal!"


The Exponential Marketing Mastermind

Where do you belong: 1) Starting, 2) Developing, 3) Growing, 4) Scaling?

We get you where you need to go.

Start a Business on Purpose

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that 20% of businesses fail within the first year and 33% by the second year.

This is most likely due to a lack of proper alignment with the life purpose of the entrepreneur.

We help you find your purpose and stay on track.

βœ” Life Purpose Challenge

βœ” Color Personality Test

βœ” Program & Offer Creation System

βœ” Member Group

βœ” Regular Member Q&A Calls

βœ” Regular Member Training

βœ” Quarterly Business Planner

βœ” Sales Tracker

βœ” Proposal Template

βœ” Website Building Blocks Course

βœ” Software Recommendations

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is the foundation of social media growth, attention, and sales.

This program will help you strategize, create, manage, and schedule your content.

We provide tools and resources necessary to maximum the life of your content.

βœ” Marketing Dashboard

βœ” Social Media Planning System

βœ” Hashtag Course

βœ” Blogging Template

βœ” Blogging Course

βœ” Live Streaming & Webinar Course

βœ” Trending Calendars

βœ” Software Recommendations

Grow Fans, Get Quality Leads, and Make Profit

Grow raving fans, show off your expertise, and close prospects easily with a customer journey designed for your ideal clients and unique solutions. 

Automation and optimization are key to bring in consistent, qualified leads.

We help you check 'sales funnel' off your to-do list!

βœ” Sales Funnel Flowchart

βœ” Funnel Planner

βœ” Sales Funnel Samples

βœ” Video Marketing Strategy

βœ” Clarity Journal

βœ” Sales Funnel Generating System

βœ” Turn Clicks Into Clients Course

βœ” Landing Pages That Convert Course

βœ” Email Marketing Planning Course

βœ” Software Recommendations

Scale with Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Once you have a proven offer that sells, amplify your content to bring in more sales consistently with an aligned marketing schedule and budget.

We provide the resources, training, and support needed to respond to market fluctuations with advertising.

βœ” Advertising Profitability Exercise

βœ” Client Generating Ads System

βœ” Ads Campaign Planner

βœ” Advanced Advertising Course

βœ” Troubleshooting Support

βœ” Opportunity to Hire an Ads Technician

Learn from Experts and Each Other

Learn from our experts and from each other! No need to go it alone. We're all staying on top of best practices and working through market fluctuations together.


We Pay Attention to Your Business

You are not ignored in this group program. We are here to help you sell out!


Member Calls and Personal Accountability

We meet multiple times each month to get feedback, answer questions, and to focus:

  • Q&A calls
  • Co-working sessions
  • Deep-dive training
  • Mindmapping mindset moments

We personally check in with you each month, have Q&A threads, and our suggestion box is always open.

Impromptu Lessons

When someone has questions, we make sure they're answered. Sometimes that takes a video explanation instead of just answering in a comment, so we created a way to help everyone learn from others' challenges.

Watch Us Work

Sally and her team run a lot of Facebook ads campaigns, and until you see the process in action, it's hard to truly understand what to do.

That's why Sally records what she's doing on her own ads and some of her clients' ads who don't mind.

Susan Totman

CEO of Virtual Biz Connection, LLC

"Sally made it simple to understand Facebook ads, which was a huge thorn in my side. Figuring out how to target audiences in an effective way was making me want to pull my hair out. She has been a HUGE catalyst to getting myself and my business on the right track to propel my vision forward. Her custom tools to generate sales page content, then promote them, live classes for members (with replays!) are more evidence of Sally's willingness to go way above and beyond. She will light the fire and hold you accountable to yourself. I cannot say enough in support of Sally and what she brings to her students and clients."

Dr. Gwen Smith

"I've participated in tons of Facebook Training and there always seems to be something else that could be offered to make the targeting a bit more specific and clear. Quite recently I was awed by a training Sally presented on this topic. What she provided was so clear and specific that it lifted a part of the mystery of not only targeting my ads but also in selecting the appropriate images for the design. I'm definitely putting this in place."

Color-Coded Marketing Dashboard

Get your content marketing on track and systematized for growth and sales.

Sales Funnel Frameworks

Get full access to our sales funnel framework software to build your funnel. This product is normally sells separately for $497. It's included with your membership for no extra cost.


Sales Funnel Visual Guides

Visualize your entire sales funnel using my signature paint-by-number process. Take the numbered, custom content from the Sales Funnel Generator above to see how your sales funnel should look on your website.


High-Value Opportunity

Once you apply to the program ($1 application fee), we will review your application and give you our decision within 3 days.



Billed Monthly, 3 Month Minimum

Onboarding Process

Membership Group on Facebook

Program Development Course

Social Media Planning System

Client Generating Ads System

Facebook Ads Course

Digital Marketing Courses

Personal Accountability Thread

Three Monthly Q&A Calls

Three Monthly Co-working Sessions

One Monthly Training

One Monthly Mindset Session

Sales Funnel Framework

Funnel Visual Layouts


Three Month Minimum Membership Required




Billed Annually

Onboarding Process

Membership Group on Facebook

Program Development Course

Social Media Planning System

Client Generating Ads System

Facebook Ads Course

Digital Marketing Courses

Personal Accountability Thread

Three Monthly Q&A Calls

Three Monthly Co-working Sessions

One Monthly Training

One Monthly Mindset Session

Sales Funnel Framework

Funnel Visual Layouts


Twelve Month Minimum Membership Required


Ability to Hire our Ads Techs


90 Minute Strategy Session & Marketing Plan ($1,497 value)


30 Day Guarantee

If before 30 days you decide this membership isn’t right for you, no worries! Send an email to [email protected] and ask to cancel. See terms and conditions on the checkout page for full details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership gives you group access to Sally, her team, and your member peers.

You'll get all the systems and materials you need, plus:

  • three Q&A calls per month
  • three co-working sessions per month
  • one monthly deep-dive live training
  • one monthly mindset mind-mapping session
  • a personal accountability thread
  • three Q&A comment threads each month

Yes! First, you apply for $1. We check over your application to ensure the membership is right for you. After 3 days, if accepted, your membership will begin, and your first payment is charged for the monthly plan. 

If before 30 days you decide this membership isn’t right for you, no worries! Send an email to [email protected] and ask to cancel. No further payment will be required.

If you purchase the annual subscription, refunds are based on services rendered and a cancellation fee. Read the details on the checkout page to see details.

There are over 35 core lessons inside the main course and dozens more either in bonus modules or in the Facebook group's learning units.

Yes! The past recordings of our live trainings and group calls are housed inside the Facebook group's learning units.

Absolutely! One of our team members is assigned to keep track of your progress.

Inside your personal accountability thread, you will get reminders of upcoming Q&A, co-working, and live training opportunities.

Yes, please. Your existing sales funnel is most likely amazing, but we have a process that takes your answers in the onboarding form and automatically creates prompts for your sales page, emails, and Facebook ads.

One of the biggest mistakes we see with sales funnels is that the supplemental, nurturing ads are not considered from the beginning.

If you want to be successful with scaling your business using automation with Facebook ads, this is crucial to your success.

We touch on these topics from time to time and will bring in guest speakers if requested, but search traffic is not our focus. We are focused on the Facebook family platforms that include Instagram and What's App.

Obviously, this depends on how you are positioned when you come to us.

Have you successfully sold your program/service/product and beta tested the process? What is your digital credibility score? How many people are on your e-mail list, and are those people aligned with your current offers? Is your sales funnel built and already working when you send people to it? Do you know how many Facebook and Instagram users are in your target market?

There are so many questions around this topic, so your question is impossible to answer without doing some research first.

It's true, we focus mainly on service based businesses, coaches, and consultants, but we can help you get traffic to your online store, your website, your blog, or to anything you're selling.

Here's the catch though. You must be willing to invest in content marketing. To gain online attention, you must have more than just a website or storefront. You need content that appeals to your ideal customers. That content is what draws them into your space, which will then tell them whether or not they want to do business with you.

Most physical product and brick-and-mortar companies we work with know that they need a blog, a podcast, or some sort of content outlet to connect with their audiences. We can help you identify your best sellers and develop product funnels that draw people into your space to see the rest of your amazing offers.

The funneling and advertising methods we teach still apply.

Many courses simply cover the basics of setting up ads and don't give you the strategies you need to be successful with them.

You must be careful in taking one-funnel or one-track strategies from coaches, gurus, speakers, and authors when it comes to Facebook ads. Those people are likely selling something else like software or another type of coaching.

Facebook ads require testing, monitoring, and reading the stories behind the numbers that will tell you if something is working or not.

Webinars aren't for every business. One-track funnels are not for every business. Nurture content is ALWAYS different for every business.

This is why we host a mastermind coaching program that coincides with access to our materials and videos. No two businesses are alike, and no two funnels are alike. This takes a deeper understanding and finesse to be successful, and we will support you through it.

No, you do not have to use Facebook ads to be successful. There are plenty of organic social media strategies to use.

It is important to have your offers selling from an organic standpoint first before amplifying your messaging with Facebook ads anyway.

We help you with an organic social media planner, hashtag advice, and a dashboard that covers the marketing phases needed to be successful.

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