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Make Facebook Your ATM - Course & Mastermind

Get Make Facebook Your ATM - Course & Mastermind

Why is this the best course and mastermind available?

We have taken the most advanced concepts reserved for big companies and focused them into step-by-step instructions for the everyday marketer...and the everyday marketer's limited advertising budget.

Dig deep to understand your ideal clients.

Craft your digital audiences for optimal targeting.

Optimize campaigns to get the lowest cost conversions possible.

Generate qualified leads to fill your programs to the brim.

Warm up cold relationships better than Grandma's homemade pies.

Policies: Cancel membership anytime. Access to course & mastermind will be forfeited upon cancellation. 

What People Are Saying:

“Before I worked with Sally I was struggling to pull together a cohesive campaign for a product upsell funnel I had designed. I knew what result and set up I wanted, but the know-how to implement and manage the full integration was beyond my technical reach (and I just didn’t have the time to do it myself). Sally has been fantastic to work with and I’m thrilled to have her on board as part of our wider team. She has completely taken the management of our ads out of my hands and has fully optimised and scaled what’s worked, returning a 7 x ROI. Our work together has been fun, and always met with a professional attitude which when combined with Sally’s reputation as a leader in the industry, really makes me feel certain I am in safe hands. Huge gratitude to you Sally, and I’ve already been recommending you within my network. 🙂”

Niyc Pidgeon, Positive Psychologist, MSc

“It was amazing working with Sally! She over delivered with her explanations, examples, follow-up checklist, and prompt turn-around. I got amazing reports and insights of trends. I got 18x my ROI!”

Elaine Lou Cartas, Assertive Business Coach

“Sally is truly a master with Facebook ads. I've taken a lot of courses, and they ALL had missing pieces - critical pieces. After working with Sally, I FINALLY understand Facebook ads. Even better, my ads started converting, and I have a rinse-and-repeat approach to running ads in any niche. I'm starting to scale my businesses, and I feel confident my Facebook ads won't be a financial sinkhole. Sally is approachable, has the best intentions of her clients at heart, and truly wants to help people, and she puts her ALL into helping her clients. My latest e-commerce venture is already earning 6 figures, and we just started with their Facebook ads.”

Maat van Uitert, Pampered Chicken Mama

“Sally has the rare skill of creating step by step outlines that are well thought out and logical, but also injecting some fun. Sally's workbooks are easy to follow and complete. She breaks down complicated subjects into smaller, digestible pieces so do something like Facebook Ads for the first time is not overwhelming. I also like the fact that Sally gives a ton of information so that the workbooks can be used over and over again and each time I pick up something new.”

Linda Lovero-Waterhouse, WSI Web Systems