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Organic Content Mastermind

with Sally Hendrick

and special guest, Peace Samuel!

Want to know what content YOUR audience will love?

Join my Organic Content Mastermind on November 14 for 4 hours from 10 am to 2 pm central US time.


Here's the scoop:


1️⃣ Audience research

@10 to 10:50 AM CST

In this hour, we will go over how to research what your typical audience is interested in, from books to movies, what they shop for, what they consume, their level of education, and more.


🧩 This gives you an edge by allowing you to connect with people based on personal interests AND to be right for your business.


🍎 10 minute break from 10:50 to 11:00 am CST


2️⃣ Content planner

@11 to 11:40 AM CST

We will categorize content that makes sense for your business to put you on par with your competitors, connect with your audience to deepen relationships, and to offer value that helps your customers without giving away the farm. 


🧩 Having a process in place makes all the difference!


🌮 20 min break from 11:40 am to 12 pm CST


3️⃣ Lead magnets and low-cost offers

@12 to 12:50 pm CST

We will discuss what lead magnets make sense for your business or low-cost offers that are a no-brainer for easy sales and to deepen relationships. 


🧩 Someone who spends $1 with you is 16 times more likely to spend much more!


🍇 10 minute break from 12:50 to 1 pm CST


4️⃣ Awareness and nurture content 

@1 to 1:50 pm CST

We will plan how you’ll disseminate your content organically for awareness and nurture purposes with the idea that any of this can be used in your advertising to your curated and custom audiences. 


🧩 Always create with leverage in mind!


🗣 10 minute wrap-up from 1:50 to 2 pm CST


What People Are Saying:

“Sally - your workshop was so helpful! I have a love-hate relationship with social media, but you lead me thru the steps gently. So grateful!”

Kathryn E, Life Coach

“Sally has the rare skill of creating step by step outlines that are well thought out and logical, but also injecting some fun. Sally's workshops are easy to follow and make massive progress. She breaks down complicated subjects into smaller, digestible pieces, so doing something for the first time is not overwhelming. I also like the fact that Sally gives a ton of information, so that the information can be used over and over again and each time I pick up something new.”

Linda W, LinkedIn Expert

“Ahhh. I never thought of content the way Sally explains it. This makes so much sense! No wonder her clients' posts go viral!”

Colin Y, Business Coach