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Digital Marketing Bundle

The Sales Funnel Starter Kit is designed to help you gather all the elements needed for a sales funnel that entices your ideal clients to BUY NOW!


In this process, you will get super clear on your clients and your offers, even if you haven't built them out yet.


Where to Begin....


The Struggle is REAL!

  •     Your sales copy needs some OOMPH to grab attention.
  •     You need clients to clearly understand what you do and don’t do.
  •     You need a professional document to hand to clients to feel legit.
  •     You must have your content ready for your web designer to save money.
  •     You need a sales funnel that works to push massive traffic to your offers.

The Answer is Simple!

  •     Clean up your sales copy to capture attention of your ideal clients.
  •     Have a sales document ready to present to clients.
  •     Get recommendations on how to make a beautiful sales page yourself.
  •     Be ready to hand off to a web designer for automated ease of purchase.
  •     Have the backbone of your sales funnel (sales page, emails, and ads copy) ready to persuade customers to BUY!

You even get starter copy for your emails and ads! Say what?

The Process is Easy!

  •     Fill in the Sales Funnel Starter Kit questionnaire.
  •     Wait just a quick moment for me to send you back *all the things* in your own words unscrambled and ready to make a massive shift!
  •     Take this amazing product to create YOUR personalized sales proposal in funnel format (sales letter/page, marketing emails, and Facebook ads) following my strategies based on my deep experience with coaches, consultants, and other entrepreneurs and what I've learned from Dennis Yu, Amanda Bond, Jon Loomer, Azriel Ratz, and Cat Howell!
  •     Come back to this kit again and again every time you have a new offer or need to make changes. (I will gift you an additional 2 sales funnels with this.)

What Happens Next?

Soon after you've submitted your information to us from the Sales Funnel Starter Kit, you'll get 3 documents sent back to you that are the backbone of your sales funnel.

  1. Sales page structure, content, and copy.
  2. Email structure, content, and copy.
  3. Facebook ads structure, content, and copy.

Hear from Our Clients!

The Digital Marketing Bundle

Get all 7 products for less!

Discover everything you need to know about digital marketing!

This bundle includes 7 products that are geared towards helping you be successful with your online marketing efforts.

Discover *all the things* to be ready to send ideal traffic to your offers, so you can truly sell online!

All 7 Products are Included

Facebook Bluebook ($250)

Email Marketing Planner ($250)

Sales Page Starter Kit ($750)

Landing Pages That Convert ($100)

Website Building Blocks ($100)

Blogging to Get Found ($100)

Live Streaming & Webinars (Free)

Get them all for $800 less than buying them separately if you make your decision to purchase within 2 days.

Note: Your coupon code expires in two days, and there is NO RISK. You can get a 100% refund if you email Sally within 72 hours of purchase.


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