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There is nothing more satisfying than to help people see the possibilities in their businesses and lives.


"Sally is truly a master with Facebook ads. I've taken a lot of courses, and they ALL had missing pieces - critical pieces. My ads started converting, and I have a rinse-and-repeat approach to running ads in any niche. My latest eCommerce venture is making over 6 figures, and we just started a few months ago with Facebook advertising."

Lazy Girl Traffic & Profit and Pampered Chicken Mama


Positive Psychologist, MSc

"Before I worked with Sally I was struggling to pull together a cohesive campaign for a product upsell funnel I had designed. I knew what result and set up I wanted, but the know-how to implement and manage the full integration was beyond my technical reach (and I just didn’t have the time to do it myself).

Sally has been fantastic to work with and I’m thrilled to have her on board as part of our wider team. She has completely taken the management of our ads out of my hands and has fully optimised and scaled what’s worked, returning a 7 x ROI.

Our work together has been fun, and always met with a professional attitude which when combined with Sally’s reputation as a leader in the industry, really makes me feel certain I am in safe hands. Huge gratitude to you Sally, and I’ve already been recommending you within my network. 🙂"



Assertive Business Coach

"It was amazing working with Sally! She over delivered with her explanations, examples, follow-up checklist, and prompt turn-around.

I got amazing reports and insights of trends. I got 18 x my ROI!"

Leigh Daniel

Project Positive Change CEO

“I didn’t have any hesitations working with you. After a consult with you, I knew that you were easily able to help me understand the tech side of online business…I’ve referred tons of people to you! You’re a mind mapping genius.”

Jessica Riverson

Permission to ChargeTM Mentor

“Sally’s step-by-step training and coaching is exactly what my clients need to get set up online fast and that’s why I send them to her courses and trainings with full confidence! She takes the mystery out of online funnels, social media set up and strategy like no other!”

Robert Hendrick

Rail Yard Studios Founder, Owner, Designer

“You don’t know social media until you know Sally. She helped me do deep target market research for my Facebook ads in just one afternoon, making my company 18 times the money I spent on advertising.”

"Sally is high energy – super smart – super organized! I have had the opportunity to work with Sally for over 20 years. Sally is a unique individual that combines a high level of analytical skills with the ability to see how best to utilize those skills to solve problems. In my experience, there are three strengths that a person must have to qualify as a top level analyst. These strengths are a strong understanding of mathematics and analytical methods, the ability to use a variety of software in the application of one’s analytical skills, and the ability to know how to dissect complex problems and properly apply the analytical and computer skills. This combined triad of ability I call “analytical prowess.” There are few people that can put this all together – but Sally Hendrick is certainly one of them.

More importantly, Sally’s ability does not stop there. She is also able to communicate the findings of her work effectively and to educate others to help them realize their full potential. As Sally transitions to her own business, we certainly will miss her at SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group, Inc. But for the broader community of businesses and individuals who hope to function at a high level in today’s increasingly complex world — her education will be a real blessing."

Timothy Coomer
SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group CEO

Alison Nixon

Alison Nixon The Happy Mind and Body

“Sally’s courses are fantastic and easy for everyone to understand. She is a brilliant teacher who knows her stuff inside and out. She is willing to go the extra mile to help you if you get stuck. She is there for you and wants you and your business to succeed. I highly recommend everyone to work with Sally.”

Dena Gould

Light of Mine Light Worker

“You have empowered me to connect globally with confidence and excitement. Thank you so much for that Sally! You have forever changed the way that I do business. I now consider myself a global healer!!”

Laura Rike

Envizion Advertising Social Media Strategist & Graphic Designer

“I am getting noticed more online and my conversion rates on my targeted ads are way better than what I was paying for in the past! You are an amazing supporter as well. Always helping promote me and my business, connect me with other members in your community who might benefit from what I have to offer or vise versa. It shows you care for us more than just a paycheck but that you care about our success just as much as you do your own!”


Alyssa Tracy

Alyssa Tracy Fitness Fitness Coach

“I am more aware of the need for me to just do the things you have taught me to do — I get in my own way and in my own excuses, but when I have applied what you have taught me, I have been able to network, connect and convert people to customers and business partners… 🙂 I appreciated so much that you spoke to me like I was a real person….I was glad to participate in your courses and will look forward to many more!”

Shai Bearden

Wild Sister, International CEO of Wild Sister Magazine + Wild Sister, International

“You took something that seems daunting to a newbie and made it SO much easier for my course members to understand.”

La'Shonda DeBrew

Wealthcheck 360 Institute Virtual CFO/Tax Strategist

“Loved your one on one touch, personal service, available anytime, willing to share, knowledge, skills, candidness, friendly, hands on, working alongside of the business owners, sharing your network and helping the business owners to market their business for maximum exposure.”

Chrissy Marquardt

Webspyred Media Web Designer & Online Business Strategist

“Sally is, in one word amazing. In one coaching session she gave me clarity and direction on how to improve my business model, increase visibility and generate more revenue for my business! I’m excited for social media traffic school, and you should be too!”


International Spiritual Teacher & Trainer

“Zip Your Course totally saved me from going through those extra miles only to figure out how to set things up. In the case of I had to set up basic stuff to pre-sell my course in a couple days, this program and the support I got totally rock it.”

Vicki Conley

“Sally Hendrick is amazing! I love her teaching style, she covers all the bases for the new entrepreneur and specializes in branding and beginning your list to more advanced topics like facebook ads and course building. I’ve never been more excited for school to start!”

Jeff Cole

JCG Management Consulting President

“The Zip Squad and their tutorials have been very helpful in accelerating my setup of Zippy Courses. As an extra value-add they provided ancillary advice such as mind-mapping a course, site backups and security that I found very useful. It’s like having someone sitting next to you helping to install and set up your courses. It has already paid for itself in the time it has saved me and I’m not yet done with the course.”

Nicola Price

Shake the Kaleidoscope

“I know I have the intelligence to figure it out myself, but this course is going to save me so much time and stress…..It’s fantastic!…exactly what I wanted, like a friend who knows what she’s doing standing at my shoulder.”

Ramonda Newson

Event Planner

 “Hi Sally….regarding the tutorial you gave me….I made connections tonite by your advice and wanted to send you a HUGE THANK YOU for ALL you do!”

Stacy Curtis

Write of Your Life

“Thanks, Sally….I just have to say, I love what you do, the information you provide, and the value you bring! Thanks for all you do for this community.”

Sharon Tiano

Independent Beachbody Coach

“I would recommend Sally because you don’t just get a course, you get a person.”

"Appreciation and prosperity go together - and with Sally, you get both."

Janice Thorington Vedrode

"I'm learning so much from Sally in her Social Media Traffic School! When I joined I knew very little about using social media for marketing. Sally really breaks it down for you in a user friendly way in her courses. The support in the FB group is fantastic and it's great to know you can get help when you need it. The best part about the group and program is you can tell that Sally really cares about your success and getting you the results you want (and need) to be grateful to be a part of this. I'm using Sally's tools and courses to help me design my website and marketing materials essentially from scratch and it's great to feel guided and on track."

Tony Harshbarger

Dr. Gwen Smith

"I've participated in tons of Facebook Training and there always seems to be something else that could be offered to make the targeting a bit more specific and clear. Quite recently I was awed by a training Sally presented on this topic. What she provided was so clear and specific that it lifted a part of the mystery of not only targeting my ads but also in selecting the appropriate images for the design. I'm definitely putting this in place and will come back and update how it worked for my business."

Sandy Brown

"Sally is the best! She gives so much valuable content and awesome feedback too. She is always adding and improving he program content! I love her traffic school! Sign up! You will be glad you did! I know you will get a great ROI!"

Jessica Adams

"I think Sally is very professional and knowledgeable in marketing. She is very responsive to messages, and she is ready and eager to help those who are putting in the effort. Her hashtag course I am taking has very valuable information that I will be able to use for a long time. Thank you so much Sally for your information and expert help!"

"Sally is knowledgeable, dedicated and caring when it come to teaching. Her meticulous knowledge of facebook ads and her ability to step into your shoes and understand your audience even if it is really niche means that you can't go wrong on her Facebook ads course. If you're not sure about your audience, Sally will help you find it. I cannot say enough good things about the Social Media Traffic School and Sally's mentorship. As someone with absolutely no tech experience trying to market unsuccessfully online with Facebook Ads, I found my audience, ran a ton of ads with minimal budget with her guidance and doubled the client base for my bricks and mortar business within a month. The membership platform is also really comprehensive: if there's something you need you'll find it there or within the facebook group community. I'm super excited now, as a result of the skills I learned I am in the process of pitching a new idea within the healthcare sector and its getting lots of interest. I'm really grateful that I found Sally and would absolutely recommend her. She's the real deal!"

Dr. Aisha Malik

Caren Fern

"Sally is one of the most caring people I know, she's a social Media Expert Facebook is her Jam, but she's more than that. Sally cares about people on a more personal level which I think allows her teaching style to be more effective, because as we all know FaceBook ads training could be a bit tricky. Thank you Sally for what you have done and continues to do even when everything is happening in your life as well. Only love I have for you ;)"

Michele Harbin

"The world of social media is dynamic and ever-changing. It can be complicated and overwhelming. In Social Media Traffic School, Sally uses her creative, welcoming, and fun personality to breakdown the science behind social media marketing and advertising. Her methods to the madness are easy to follow and proven, which in turn, compute to leads, customers, and cash. I highly recommend joining us. See you in class!"

Luanne Lee

"I have been a part of Social Media Traffic School from the very beginning. I was a complete and total newbie to all things social media. Sally has a way of breaking down the mystery and confusion for the new person while also adding value to those more experienced. What attracted me at first to Sally was her crazy and fun personality. What has kept me here is she puts her heart and soul into this group and wants you to succeed. She is a great trainer! If you want someone to break it all down to bite size pieces Sally is your go-to!"

"Sally is amazing! A true leader in her field making the most tedious information fun and easy to understand!"

Heather Chan

Laura Lacy-Thompson

"Sally is incredibly knowledgeable and is 100% committed to the success of her members and students. Her courses are filled with so much good information that you just can't find anywhere else. Thank you, Sally."

Sandy Brown

"Takes the mystery out of utilizing social media to build your business. Sally is uber responsive, provides great feedback, is very supportive and always upping her game to offer the latest and greatest information. It is great to be a community member receiving support from Sally and peers alike."

Natalie Blais

"Sally is amazing! Super supportive and so insightful! Love her trainings and information."

Nikki Tanyika Lewis

"Sally, thank you for the help you provided me recently! You brought some much-needed clarity for my YouTube page. Your advice on CTAs and conversion ideas for my videos was something I can (and will) easily apply. You came up with those tips so quickly like it's truly second nature for you. You've got a gift, girlie. Thank you!"

Maryann Croce

"I met Sally at an event. Her professionalism and willingness to help others succeed was invaluable to the group. Sincere thanks Sally for the advice and support you gave me. I'm ready!"

Kelli Peeples Saginak

"Sally, thank you for the individual guidance, instruction, and mentoring you graciously extended to me through your school and business. Your honest, candid, professional advice, resources, and tools have been priceless for helping me learn the behind the scenes strategies and systems for moving my coaching practice forward. Thank you again!"

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