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Live Streaming and Webinars

Instead of buying expensive tools, learn a few tricks with free and inexpensive tools to go live from your desktop on Facebook. 

Remember in school when it was Show-n-Tell Day, and you were so excited about taking your new toy, puppy or goldfish to show off to your classmates? It was fun! We had no qualms about getting up in front of everyone.

Then puberty hit, and everybody got weird.......and stayed weird.

Let's go back to grade school and find that uninhibited confidence again when you didn't care what people thought about you. It happens again between ages 40 and 50 naturally, but that's a lot of time to waste not owning your ability to share your gifts with the world.

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Write a story and practice telling it on video!

This free course will walk you through:

-Crafting a fun story to tell

-Learning how to speak for maximum effect in short segments

-Getting comfortable on camera

-Streaming from your phone

-Creating title slides and graphics

-Going live from your desktop with fancy on-screen features to add to your presentation

After you're done, go live in our Facebook on Fridays to share your flair!

As they say in show biz, break a leg!


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