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Trick or treat! Three tricks to make your social media stand out

Stay on-trend and stand out at the same time

Every month I teach my students something new to incorporate into their content. Sometimes it's the latest tech tool. Other times we talk about eye-catching graphics or persuasive copywriting ideas. That's not all though. We think way beyond pretty pictures by adding meaning to everything we share.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider these tricks.

1. Use your logo in a fun and memorable way

Having a button-sized logo is important. The full logo may have your company colors and name on it, but you need something that fits into a square or round shape for social media graphics and profile imagery. Consider using your logo as a bullet point icon when making a list, or use it as your favicon that sits on the web browser tab next to the name of your site. Always make sure you have your logo available in multiple formats as well, especially a .png transparency file.

Your logo should represent at least 3...

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The Hidden Benefits of Emojis 😎 to Make Our Content Exponential

Communication Methods are Changing Due to Social Media and the Reality TV GenerationπŸ“Ί

One thing that the Reality TV generation has influenced is how people communicate with each other. Abbreviated slang, such as LOL, ROFL, or TBH began with teenagers sending text messages to each other as their main form of communication. Long gone are the days of push-button phones with long, spirally cords stretched behind closed doors for private phone conversations.

And with the birth of emoji keyboards, many baby boomers are left in the dark trying to figure out which smiley face😁 or hand gesture✌ is appropriate for the conversation at hand.

Even the legal world is having to figure out what emojis mean for interpretation of the law.

Emojis are increasingly coming up in court cases. Judges are struggling with how to interpret them.

Emojis Have Keywords Attached to Them That Tell the Algorithm What to Do

It's true! When you use emojis in your content marketing, they are attached to keywords...

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Steal My Social Calendar: September 2021


Eliminate spinning endless ideas in your head about what to post on social media

With a content calendar in place that is right for your business or influencer status, you can make engaging posts from the hip. Curate ideas with a week-at-a-glance or month-at-a-glance calendar to eliminate stressing over what to post each day.

Fill in multiple content buckets that fit the needs of your clients

Entertainment and education on social media are here to stay. That's why finding a way to inform your followers with content they enjoy or need for life or business is key to social success. The algorithms will determine how much your posts will be seen by the masses, but consistency in providing content for your ideal fan will keep you top of mind for true followers. A variety of posts will help.

Fill these content buckets as evenly as possible:

  • Tips
  • Quotes
  • Mindset
  • Nostalgia
  • Causes

Stand out from the crowd with content your followers...

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5 things experts should look for when hiring an ads agency to sell programs, services, and info-products

Are you unsure what to look for when hiring a social media ads agency for your business selling your expertise?

Today, social media is the quickest way to get quality leads into businesses selling their expertise. That doesn't mean that you hire your nephew or your neighbor just because they are online all the time. This is your business, and posting on social media to draw in the right types of clients takes marketing strategy, digital technology, analytical prowess, and a splash of psychology.

1. What types of services are you looking for?

Before asking yourself what services you're looking for, ask yourself what type of business you have and what type of advertising you are seeking.

Large advertising agencies and public relations firms that cover the gamut of services from newspaper to magazine, billboard to direct mail, or TV to streaming services tend to have corporations as clients. They are less focused on social media than one might think. Usually,...

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Can you profit from Facebook ads? Let's do the math!

Have you ever wondered how much you should invest in Facebook ads?

In this video, I walk you through each step of figuring out if you can afford to run Facebook ads based on what you're selling. Get out your pencils! 

This chart gives you the Facebook ads calculations used in the video

Advice for those selling other types of products

Yes, you can cover your costs and make a profit! The example above is based on high-ticket coaching programs or professional services. Not everyone sells that sort of thing, and that's okay. You can still make a profit with advertising.

Digital products: Many of our clients sell digital courses or handy systems their ideal clients can use. Those products cost under $50 to start, but the follow-up communication may offer additional products, courses, coaching, or memberships that increase the value of the initial sale. These businesses typically have longer sales cycles to reach the lifetime client value, so do a little...

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Content to Get You Noticed in Your Career or Business with Sally Hendrick & Marilyn Dollar


Content marketing can help your career and your business

In this episode, Sally Hendrick and Marilyn Dollar discuss the steps you can take to improve your career by improving your visibility with content.

Marilyn Dollar is a Global Senior Manager with Mars in Chicago, Illinois. Marilyn and Sally met online through a mutual connection, then they met in person at a social business event that Sally was having in her home in Nashville. Keeping in touch over the years has been a priority that has led to this important discussion. 

Podcast episode:

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Email Marketing: Nine (9) Creative Ways to Personalize Your Messaging

Personalizing email to be more creative is critical to getting people to want to read them.

First off, make sure you’re using email marketing software, like ConvertKit or Kajabi's built-in email program, to save yourself a lot of headaches with legalities regarding emailing people about your business. Most have a free trial period to get you started.

Once you’ve chosen a software program, learn all the features to maximize potential. You can set up automated welcome messages when someone signs up on your list. This is great for delivering a free download or other information that someone wants to get from you. To get fancier, you can set up a string of messages that send out your blog posts, updates, or new offers that may interest your subscribers.

Craft Interest-Targeted Email Messages

Use the software to capture the information needed to personalize and craft email messages toward what your subscriber wants to know about. Capturing the right...

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Are you targeting the right audience for Facebook ads?

Targeting the right audiences for Facebook ads can save time and money

Watch this video tutorial to get the ins and outs of pinpoint targeting with Facebook.

Read: How to select your first ideal client audience on Facebook


Are you targeting the right audience with Facebook ads?

When I audit someone’s Facebook ads to find where costs can be lowered to acquire new customers, one of the first things I look at is the construction of their initial audiences that are based upon demographics and psychographics, which is interests, purchasing habits, job titles, or other significant details.

Hi, I’m Sally Hendrick, a sales funnel and Facebook ads pro, using my deep background in statistics to help you make informed decisions with your ad spend.

Have you ever heard of a Venn diagram? That’s when you have a set of interests in one circle crossed up with the interests of another circle to find the place where they come together. This means that the person who...

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Select the right campaign objective for your Facebook ads for best results

The very first thing you're asked to select when you create a Facebook ad is your campaign objective. The objective is the goal that you want your ad to achieve. Sure, you're looking to scale your business sales, but that's not how digital marketing works right out of the gate. You must first build a following, then grow leads, nurture those new subscribers, then make an offer.

Select the right campaign objective for the goal you're trying to reach in that moment

Have I selected the right campaign objective for my ad?

When you set up your Facebook Ad, the first thing you’re asked to do is to pick your marketing objective.

Think carefully about what you want your ad to achieve. Is it a direct conversion that you want, or are you trying to build an audience? Your campaign is unlikely to reach the right people unless you get this step right.

For example, if you want to get more social proof on one of your Facebook posts, don’t choose Traffic as your objective....

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5 Pillars of Success for Startups with Colin Yearwood and Sally Hendrick


The 5 pillars of success for startups give business owners the multi-layered foundation needed to grow and thrive

In this chat, Sally Hendrick, Exponential Marketing Strategist and host of the Exponential Marketing Club, and Colin Yearwood, success coach for startups, discuss the foundations of a new business. Colin's specialty is helping brand new business owners go from employee to entrepreneur.

CLICK HERE: Get notified of our live chats on Clubhouse.

Colin has years of experience helping people make this transition from their jobs to starting a business, and he believes the 5 pillars of success are:

  1. Skillset
  2. Mindset
  3. Finances
  4. Processes
  5. Time Management

Listen to this episode to dig deeper into each pillar.




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