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Trick or treat! Three tricks to make your social media stand out

Stay on-trend and stand out at the same time

Every month I teach my students something new to incorporate into their content. Sometimes it's the latest tech tool. Other times we talk about eye-catching graphics or persuasive copywriting ideas. That's not all though. We think way beyond pretty pictures by adding meaning to everything we share.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider these tricks.

1. Use your logo in a fun and memorable way

Having a button-sized logo is important. The full logo may have your company colors and name on it, but you need something that fits into a square or round shape for social media graphics and profile imagery. Consider using your logo as a bullet point icon when making a list, or use it as your favicon that sits on the web browser tab next to the name of your site. Always make sure you have your logo available in multiple formats as well, especially a .png transparency file.

Your logo should represent at least 3...

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