What AI Can Do for Your Digital Marketing Copy


You want to get found online? Look no further. These days you can grab attention with eye-catching visuals, then reel them in with the copy...the marketing copy that is persuasive to get those clicks.

It's one thing to get found. It's another to get leads.

Most of us already have a lead capture or newsletter sign up somewhere on our website. The usual places are on the domain page and again in the sidebar of the blog or podcast pages.

But what's a good lead magnet? Because newsletters don't sound convincing. Where's the hook?

Exactly! It's all about the hook for your lead magnet!

Give ChatGPT the following 5 prompts to cover 80% of your marketing copy:

  1. Write an article about (insert topic here).
  2. Make the article more conversational.
  3. Write an engaging social media post on this topic. Use relevant hashtags, emojis, and a call to action.
  4. Write an introductory email to this article.
  5. What are 3 relevant lead magnets?

Go on to choose and create your lead magnet even further using AI!

If you haven't tried the free ChatGPT software before, try it now

What are some of the prompts you like to use with ChatGPT?

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