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Select the right campaign objective for your Facebook ads for best results

The very first thing you're asked to select when you create a Facebook ad is your campaign objective. The objective is the goal that you want your ad to achieve. Sure, you're looking to scale your business sales, but that's not how digital marketing works right out of the gate. You must first build a following, then grow leads, nurture those new subscribers, then make an offer.

Select the right campaign objective for the goal you're trying to reach in that moment

Have I selected the right campaign objective for my ad?

When you set up your Facebook Ad, the first thing you’re asked to do is to pick your marketing objective.

Think carefully about what you want your ad to achieve. Is it a direct conversion that you want, or are you trying to build an audience? Your campaign is unlikely to reach the right people unless you get this step right.

For example, if you want to get more social proof on one of your Facebook posts, don’t choose Traffic as your objective....

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Prevent Losing Pixel Data If Your Facebook Ads Account Gets Shut Down!

The last thing you want to happen is for your Facebook ads account to get shut down.

Here's a way you can prevent losing valuable pixel data if this ever happens to you. Note: With the latest iOS update on Apple products, pixel data may not work. We address what needs to be done to combat this in our Exponential Marketing Club.

How to prevent losing your data if your Facebook ads account gets shut down

You may hear nightmare stories about people’s ads accounts getting shut down, and it absolutely stinks when that happens. However, there are ways to share your pixel information BEFORE this even happens, so you don’t lose all that wonderful history.

Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Set up a new Business Manager. Let’s call it Business Manager 2. (Note, you can only set up 2 Business Managers for each personal profile. Because of this, go ahead and identify someone else who could be your backup in case either of these gets shut down, so you can set up another...
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The Real Truth about Facebook Ads: For Coaches & Consultants


Coaches and consultants should consider advertising nurturing content on a consistent basis

Sally Hendrick and Emma Davis, both Facebook ads experts, discuss Facebook and Instagram advertising and marketing funnels used to get clients. Several entrepreneurs joined them on Clubhouse. This is a recording of that chat.

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Welcome to the Exponential Marketing Club, where we talk about everything content marketing from just getting started with your business to growing a captivating presence with your website and social media, and onto scaling with Facebook and Instagram advertising for exponential exposure and long-term success.

My name is Sally Hendrick, your host and exponential marketing strategist. Let's get started y'all!

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Today, our topic is the real truth of Facebook ads for coaches and...

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5 things experts should look for when hiring an ads agency to sell programs, services, and info-products

Are you unsure what to look for when hiring a social media ads agency for your business selling your expertise?

Today, social media is the quickest way to get quality leads into businesses selling their expertise. That doesn't mean that you hire your nephew or your neighbor just because they are online all the time. This is your business, and posting on social media to draw in the right types of clients takes marketing strategy, digital technology, analytical prowess, and a splash of psychology.

1. What types of services are you looking for?

Before asking yourself what services you're looking for, ask yourself what type of business you have and what type of advertising you are seeking.

Large advertising agencies and public relations firms that cover the gamut of services from newspaper to magazine, billboard to direct mail, or TV to streaming services tend to have corporations as clients. They are less focused on social media than one might think. Usually,...

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The Hidden Benefits of Emojis 😎 to Make Our Content Exponential

Communication Methods are Changing Due to Social Media and the Reality TV GenerationπŸ“Ί

One thing that the Reality TV generation has influenced is how people communicate with each other. Abbreviated slang, such as LOL, ROFL, or TBH began with teenagers sending text messages to each other as their main form of communication. Long gone are the days of push-button phones with long, spirally cords stretched behind closed doors for private phone conversations.

And with the birth of emoji keyboards, many baby boomers are left in the dark trying to figure out which smiley face😁 or hand gesture✌ is appropriate for the conversation at hand.

Even the legal world is having to figure out what emojis mean for interpretation of the law.

Emojis are increasingly coming up in court cases. Judges are struggling with how to interpret them.

Emojis Have Keywords Attached to Them That Tell the Algorithm What to Do

It's true! When you use emojis in your content marketing, they are attached to keywords...

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How to Know Which Videos to Boost on Facebook

Facebook's mission for several years has been to make video king in the news feed. They give favor to live video and native video on the platform when it comes to reach and engagement.

How do we know which videos we should put advertising money behind?

Let's talk a bit about your mission first. Why do you do what you do? Are you creating videos around what you do to help potential clients? Once you understand your mission, the why behind your business, you should be creating videos that help further that mission.

For example, my mission is to help coaches, consultants, and other small business owners discover how to succeed with Facebook ads, so that they do not spend all their earnings on ads management, thereby, taking away all the return on investment they'd otherwise receive.

Video metrics benchmarks to watch

Here's an example of a video that I've boosted in the past. My goal is to judge this video to see if it's worth putting money behind again.

To analyze your videos, go to...

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How many visitors do YOU need to your landing pages to make sales?

Do you sell things online with sales pages or checkout pages?

One of the things that I help clients with is improving their sales pages to position their offers more appropriately to actually close sales. This is particularly important when you are marketing your business digitally.

It takes time for people to trust brands they purchase from. Unknown businesses are at a great disadvantage for this because they don't have broadly known reputations in their industries yet. For this reason, you likely need to have some sort of precursor before your website visitors look at your online store and check out through your shopping cart. This can be handled via a sales page.

How do you combat being an unknown brand?

When you go to the store, do you pick out Crest or Colgate toothpaste based on brand recognition? Or do you choose a brand of toothpaste that you've never heard of before? Most of the time, people choose the brands that are well-known and advertised, as this builds...

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How to Target Friends with Facebook Advertising

This type of targeting is no longer possible.

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Your Facebook Account Can Get Shut Down If You Do Business on Your Personal Profile

So many entrepreneurs post business ideas on their personal profiles. This is against Facebook's Terms of Service and can get your account shut down. To avoid this, you want to keep your business activities on your Facebook Business Page where they belong. 

"But no one is looking at my business page!" you cry. That's because you haven't given it enough attention or time to grow.

For those of you who have been posting away on your personal profiles for so long, and you've built up a fan base there, it sure would be nice if you could advertise to those friends, wouldn't it?

Target Your Friends with Facebook Ads

While you are building content and engagement on your business page, here's a workaround to get ads out to your friends that you've been interacting with on your personal profile.

Create a new...

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The 3 Phases of Advertising You May Be Missing

There are 3 phases of advertising: Awareness (audience building), Consideration (lead generation and obtaining authority), and Conversion (nurture and sales). Most people want to start out with the Conversion phase (also known as the Close phase) to sell their goods and services without properly warming up their audiences. This is too much too soon. It would be similar to walking up to a perfect stranger and asking them to join your $3,500 mastermind.

Think of the digital journey as a real customer journey

Imagine having a storefront. How do you get foot traffic there? You can rely on surrounding stores to bring traffic, put up flyers, advertise with billboards, use Facebook or Instagram ads, etc.

These methods of advertising are to cold traffic or audiences, those who may not know anything about you.

To translate this to digital relationships, these would be the people who are just seeing your Facebook ad for the first time or coming across your website somehow, either by...

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Can you profit from Facebook ads? Let's do the math!

Have you ever wondered how much you should invest in Facebook ads?

In this video, I walk you through each step of figuring out if you can afford to run Facebook ads based on what you're selling. Get out your pencils! 

This chart gives you the Facebook ads calculations used in the video

Advice for those selling other types of products

Yes, you can cover your costs and make a profit! The example above is based on high-ticket coaching programs or professional services. Not everyone sells that sort of thing, and that's okay. You can still make a profit with advertising.

Digital products: Many of our clients sell digital courses or handy systems their ideal clients can use. Those products cost under $50 to start, but the follow-up communication may offer additional products, courses, coaching, or memberships that increase the value of the initial sale. These businesses typically have longer sales cycles to reach the lifetime client value, so do a little...

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