The Hidden Benefits of Emojis 😎 to Make Our Content Exponential

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Communication Methods are Changing Due to Social Media and the Reality TV Generation📺

One thing that the Reality TV generation has influenced is how people communicate with each other. Abbreviated slang, such as LOL, ROFL, or TBH began with teenagers sending text messages to each other as their main form of communication. Long gone are the days of push-button phones with long, spirally cords stretched behind closed doors for private phone conversations.

And with the birth of emoji keyboards⌨, many baby boomers are left in the dark trying to figure out which smiley face😁 or hand gesture✌ is appropriate for the conversation at hand.

Even the legal world is having to figure out what emojis mean for interpretation of the law.

Emojis are increasingly coming up in court cases. Judges are struggling with how to interpret them.

Emojis Have Keywords Attached to Them That Tell the Algorithm What to Do

It's true! When you use emojis in your content marketing, they are attached to keywords that help dictate how you get found on search engines and to whom your social media posts and ads get served based on their interests.

Have you noticed on your smartphone that when you type certain words that the keyboard will show you an emoji that may be appropriate to use? That's how you know what keywords are attached to those particular emojis. They are a powerful way to hop on the right algorithm meant for your ideal clients, so be sure to use them the right way.

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Emojis Have Taken Over Social Media😎

According to Wikipedia, "emojis are ideograms and smileys...including facial expressions, common objects, places and types of weather, and animals."

Today, they are steeped in the pop-culture of the western world, and they aren't going away any time soon.

It goes without saying that emojis in our text messages, social media posts, and ads have become expected these days to emphasize a point here and there, to delineate long copy pieces, and to keep the vibe high for effect.🙌

If there's an emoji for it, by all means, use it. This way of communicating is not going the way of the home telephone quite yet.☎

Different Ways to Access Emojis and Bitmojis

For most smartphones, emoji keyboards are built-in. You can even install the Bitmoji app and then add a Bitmoji keyboard to your phone. Also, if you need another language keyboard added, it all comes from the same instructions for an iPhone. (Sorry, Android users. I don't have one to demo this for you.)

1️⃣From your iPhone, click Settings.

2️⃣Then choose General.

3️⃣Scroll down until you find Keyboard.

4️⃣Click Keyboards.

5️⃣Click Add New Keyboard.

6️⃣Select the type of keyboard you want to add.

In case you don't know what a Bitmoji is, it's the app that is available via Snapchat, Apple store, Google Play, or as a Chrome extension to animate yourself by designing your own personal avatar that looks like you. Here's mine in various poses.

lol  sign me up  Bitmoji Image

Use Emojis in Ads for Emphasis

When developing copy for ads, it's a good idea to have an advertising copy template with a few key 🔑emojis ready to copy and paste into your narratives without having to search for the ones you need. This can save a lot of time⏰.

One way to access emojis while typing from a computer is to click the right mouse on a PC where a menu pops up, and select the word 'Emoji' at the top of the menu. Use the search 🔎button at the bottom left to type a keyword to narrow down your emoji choices. This helps you avoid having to scroll through all of them to find the ones you're looking for.

And if you ever wondered how in the world people are able to type Facebook™ with the superscript trademark TM symbol, this is where you find it.


Use Chrome Extensions for Quick Access from Your Computer

If you use Google Chrome as your Internet browser, adding these handy little extensions can save you a lot of time searching for emojis. Just search for Bitmoji Chrome extension or Emoji Chrome extension to find these.


The Latest Emojis on Facebook, Google, and Apple

Emojis are constantly changing and updating. You may not even notice it, but if you're in tune with what emojis are available, every so often you'll find new ones or ones that have been replaced. To stay on top of the ones available, these links will keep you up to date with the more popular places to access them.

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