How many visitors do YOU need to your landing pages to make sales?

Do you sell things online with sales pages or checkout pages?

One of the things that I help clients with is improving their sales pages to position their offers more appropriately to actually close sales. This is particularly important when you are marketing your business digitally.

It takes time for people to trust brands they purchase from. Unknown businesses are at a great disadvantage for this because they don't have broadly known reputations in their industries yet. For this reason, you likely need to have some sort of precursor before your website visitors look at your online store and check out through your shopping cart. This can be handled via a sales page.

How do you combat being an unknown brand?

When you go to the store, do you pick out Crest or Colgate toothpaste based on brand recognition? Or do you choose a brand of toothpaste that you've never heard of before? Most of the time, people choose the brands that are well-known and advertised, as this builds trust based on the educational information they put out in their commercials or print ads and the fact that they've been around a long time.

These days, the best way for a small business to become known is through social ads. That could be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, or Google, to name the more popular platforms.

One of the biggest mistakes, however, is to advertise your offers to cold audiences, people who have never seen you before. To tackle this conundrum, it's important to grow your following with your brand story, your hero story, or some sort of back story that helps to develop a relationship from the beginning.

Growing fans can be done via video posts or blog posts

Blogging not only helps you get found in search engines, it also offers a way for people to get to know your brand through the educational or entertaining messages that you convey in your blog posts. Use this content to nurture your visitors on a continuous basis.

Video posts are a way to grow audiences fast on social media. Run some Facebook ads for $1 a day to your video posts. Just make sure you monitor results, so you know which videos are hits, and which videos are flops. 

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In my club I teach you the strategies to know how to grow fans, nurture them, and entice them to become paying customers through tried-and-true digital marketing and advertising methods.

How to read your website stats

Setting up tracking on your website is super important. If you want to understand how people navigate through your website and what stops them from purchasing, Google, Facebook, and Pinterest tracking are musts.

Here's an example of Facebook tracking for an e-commerce store:

In this chart, you can see that the sales pages have been visited 2,700 times. Items were added to the shopping cart 345 times, while 77 initiated checkout, meaning that they clicked over to the shopping cart and started the checkout process. There were 41 purchases, which is a 1.5% conversion rate for these sales items.

These stats can be greatly improved if you learn how to re-market to the people who took certain actions on your website but didn't finish purchasing the items they were looking at.

Wouldn't you like to know what happened to the 345 items that were added to the shopping cart? Why were only 41 purchases made? We teach you how to bridge the gap between those stats, so that you make more sales.

How can a service-based business use this data?

If you have a service-based business, you will not have as many stats to monitor, but you can add massive leverage to your sales process by setting up tracking to follow up with those who visit your website, your sales page, or your booking calendar and do not move forward to contact you. Without that follow-up process in place, you're likely missing multiple opportunities to get new clients.

One of the types of ads we like to run to our website visitors is for them to get more valuable information from our regular blog posts. We also re-market ads to get people to schedule the calls they started to book but ended up not finishing the process.

If you know where people are on your site, you have a much better understanding of what type of information to send to them to get them back to your site. 

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