Can you profit from Facebook ads? Let's do the math!

sally hendrick profit from facebook ads

Have you ever wondered how much you should invest in Facebook ads?

In this video, I walk you through each step of figuring out if you can afford to run Facebook ads based on what you're selling. Get out your pencils! 

This chart gives you the Facebook ads calculations used in the video

Advice for those selling other types of products

Yes, you can cover your costs and make a profit! The example above is based on high-ticket coaching programs or professional services. Not everyone sells that sort of thing, and that's okay. You can still make a profit with advertising.

Digital products: Many of our clients sell digital courses or handy systems their ideal clients can use. Those products cost under $50 to start, but the follow-up communication may offer additional products, courses, coaching, or memberships that increase the value of the initial sale. These businesses typically have longer sales cycles to reach the lifetime client value, so do a little research to see how long it takes your clients to make a purchase, and consider these lower-priced info-products to help cover the cost of buying leads.

E-commerce: If you are selling shoes or t-shirts, the benchmarks are entirely different. You should expect to make a profit on your ads in the short-term, meaning that your link clicks should cost much less than what they do for longer sales-cycle services.


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