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The Real Truth about Facebook Ads: For Coaches & Consultants


Coaches and consultants should consider advertising nurturing content on a consistent basis

Sally Hendrick and Emma Davis, both Facebook ads experts, discuss Facebook and Instagram advertising and marketing funnels used to get clients. Several entrepreneurs joined them on Clubhouse. This is a recording of that chat.

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Welcome to the Exponential Marketing Club, where we talk about everything content marketing from just getting started with your business to growing a captivating presence with your website and social media, and onto scaling with Facebook and Instagram advertising for exponential exposure and long-term success.

My name is Sally Hendrick, your host and exponential marketing strategist. Let's get started y'all!

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Today, our topic is the real truth of Facebook ads for coaches and consultants with special guest Emma Davis from the United Kingdom. I want to introduce my guest. This is Emma Davis. She lives in the UK and Emma. I want you to tell us a little bit about you, not just about your Facebook amazingness, but also a little bit about you personally, so that we can connect here with you.
Hi everyone. Yes. It's really strange to be a British accent with all these American accents. It's great. And so, yeah, I actually started my first business back in 2002 as offering web design. I had no idea what I was doing. I was making offers. I went to LA and I eventually became a web developer. I taught myself to code and I used to hand code funnily enough, a lot of e-commerce sites. And I had that business for 13 years and I had another couple of businesses during that time as well, completely unrelated. One was running dog agility shows. And if you don't know what the opportunity is, is where they do the jumps and the obstacles, et cetera. And then I also built out a dog show entry system online, and then it got to the end of 2015. And I suddenly realized that why I'd been feeling so rubbish for a couple of years.
And I was just really fed up and burned out with doing websites. So closed my business. I had already closed the other two over time and I closed my business. And when I worked in a restaurant for 12 months and I was like, no, I'm not, I'm a marketing person. I'm an online person. So I came back and my idea was to help people with their digital marketing. And from that, I ended up down the rabbit hole of Facebook ads. And so now I provide a sort of a two-way thing is one of those I help people grow their online businesses through helping a blank tree. I don't know. I don't like using the word coaching because people have different interpretations of what coaching is, but sort of a mix of coaching, consulting, mentoring, helping them with their strategy. And I also then run Facebook ads for clients. And that's where I'm at now. Business-Wise personally, I'm in a County called [inaudible] in the UK, which is just on the border of Wales and I'm married and I've got two grown up sons, three dogs, and a cat. There we go.

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Excellent. I love that. And I love the fact that you said you went all the way back to, you know, creating websites and having the courage to say I had no idea what I was doing, but I just learned it and went it and did that all along. I know that Susan can attest to a similar thing. So can I, is it cause when you first get started, I mean, you really don't know how to do things, but you have this idea of like, look, I'm not afraid to click on buttons and to type things in and see what I can do. I can always undo it or maybe screw up and just tear it up and start over. And, and that's where a lot of us start. You've got to have that scrappy spirit to be able to move forward in the entrepreneurial world. And I love the fact that you've done that for so many years and also that, you know, e-commerce as well. That's really great too.
Yeah, the problem I had was WordPress. Everyone wants to WordPress websites and I didn't like it. I didn't want to build sites on WordPress because I literally built custom sites for my clients. And they were like, yeah, but WordPress, you can update. I said, yes, but I build it so you can update it and it's easier. And you know, you can update the bits you need to update, but that was my biggest battle. And it just got, it just wore me down. I just can't do this anymore. So yeah, that was the hardest thing to be honest is after 13 years of having a business of saying, I mean, that was where the courage came. It wasn't starting the business, it was closing the business. And the reason I wanted to go into more sort of helping people with their business and marketing was the, I just always thought if rather than closing the business, I mean, I needed that.
I needed to go and have a really sort of in-person mundane job that wasn't sort of that taxing on my brain and it was away from a computer and that really helped. But when I looked back, I believe I did, I didn't even know about sort of business mentors and coaches and things back then. So that was 2015. And I thought if I'd have just found someone who could have helped me put out of me, what I really wanted to do, I could have pivoted rather than done the drastic action of actually closing everything down. And yeah, I probably would have taken it more sort of eight to an online business in terms of courses and things like that. So, yeah,
I love that. You mentioned that you didn't really understand what was going on in this coaching world and around 2015, that was me as well. I actually discovered this whole alternative planet going on with Facebook. I I call it planet Facebook. I feel like there's this, this entire dimension of people and activities that other people in the real world don't know about if they're not in it and living it. And it's amazing to me that we can all pretty much make money doing whatever the heck we want to do. And as long as we have a story attached to it and we have you know, proven results and we can find a market that really is in need of this. And then we hone our messaging to get them in. Then we can have a business doing what we want. Now I wanted to mention I want to hello to Alex.
I know Alex has been messaging me over on email for a couple of weeks saying, Hey, when are you doing clubhouse and this, that, and the other. And so I want to, you know, invite you if you want to, you don't have to, you are certainly welcome to come up and say hello to us. I'm going to have Susan say hello and tell us what she does. And then let's dive a little bit into some Facebook ads stuff. You know, maybe share some secrets and tricks that work really well for people who need to sell their expertise online. And but before we do that, Susan, feel free to say hello.
Hey Sally, nice to meet you, Emma. Hi, Donna. Hi Alex. I my name is Susan Totman and I am a virtual business manager and consultant. And I work primarily with online business owners to assess their admin and tech needs and then help to build a team to provide that support. And then supervise that team.
See, look at you, you, you do this every time you come in here and you say it so smoothly and so wonderfully. And then we go back to class and it's like, Oh, I forgot what I said.
I wrote it down this time. I wrote it down. Cause I do say it very succinctly in here. It's so funny. Isn't it?
I love it. I love it. And I love that you're here. Thank you so much. In fact, if you want to start this out by saying, Hey, what's a question that's on your mind that maybe will kick us off into this discussion.
What kind of a question are you looking for?
Whatever you want something around Facebook ads,
Something about Facebook ads. Okay. and I know that you've addressed this somewhere in the past, but I'm seeing a real lot of it, which is a lot of ads coming up in my feed. That almost from a perspective of somebody on the receiving end of the ads, there's no comments, but there's like four, a hundred thousand shares and likes tens of thousands of them. There is commenting aloud, but there's no comments on them. What, why is that happening? And I don't want that to do that because to me it rubs me the wrong way. It's like they deleted all the cards.

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Yeah. I'm not really sure if there's some sort of bot that is sharing these posts, you know, there, there absolutely could be something like that. And cause it doesn't make sense if you've got most first of all, but the hierarchy of, of the social proof you're going to get on an ad is going to be the likes first or whatever the reactions are first. And then the next number of things that you'll have, or probably the comments. So like, let's say you have a hundred likes and you have 20 comments and then you might have five shares. It usually goes in that order. But it really depends on the market you're in and what it is that you are promoting. I honestly think that it's ridiculous for people to have an unreasonable number of shares. If you don't have all the other things too, if you want to create social proof on your ads, first, I'm going to tell you that you don't want to spend a lot of money in this area, but it does work to at least get some sort of, you know, crowdsourcing going.
But whenever you set up your ads, you first will set them up for a cheap objective, like video views or engagement or something like that. Now engagement just to let you know, is going to be served by Facebook, to the people in your audience who typically touch ads, meaning that they react to them, they comment or they share. And so Facebook is going to push those ads out to those people who like to touch ads on Facebook and put their, you know, put their stamp on it. If you will, those are not necessarily the people who want to buy from you or who even want to sign up on your email list. You have to literally change the objective on the ad to be, you know, to get leads or to get purchases if you want to get real customers. And the beauty in being able to do both ways is that you can carry over this ID that goes with your engagement objective ad, carry it over to your conversion ad. And then it will be the same ad with the same social proof on it, but spend the money on the conversion side because that's where you're going to get the real customers. Now, Emma, if you want to hop in and agree or disagree or add something to that.
Yeah, yeah. I'm not seeing these posts with all these sort of shares and things and no comments, but I suppose yeah, the answer could be for some bizarre reason that people are the owner of the answer going through and deleting the comments. But why you'd want to do that unless they're all derogatory. I'm not entirely sure. So I've not seen, I've not experienced it. I don't know. I don't know what that's all about, but yeah. I mean, to be honest, I, I used to do a lot of creating ads for my, the conversions for my clients and running them initially to get engagement on them, to build up that social proof because I always always great control ads and then use the the post ID from the ads to build up that social proof because having that social proof triggers other people when they see it and they think, well, other people are reacting and commenting.
I need to pay attention. And I, did you see that? But to be honest, I, I haven't done that for a long, long time. I tend to just go straight for the conversions. And I find that the, again, a social proof building up, but then saying that some, most of my clients are actually spending quite a bit of money. So it's that going out, spending a lot of money to get those conversions, so to speak seen by a lot of people in the first instance. So I suppose if you've got a smaller budget, it might help to get that, to do the engagement, I suppose, because obviously there'll be a lot cheaper to get results for and build up that social proof before then running them as conversion as definitely I can, can work really very well.
I agree with you on this. When you've got a client who's spending a lot of money on ads, they typically don't need to do that step, but I will tell you, cause I know you and I were talking or chatting in the messenger, the other a couple of weeks ago about coaching people to run their own ads. Whenever you do that, you're gonna find that these people are very skeptical and very slow to spend their money on advertising, afraid that they are putting their dollars in this huge abyss that they know nothing about. And so what happens is they have no audience yet. They have no list. They have no social proof. They have hardly anybody liking their pages or their Instagram or whatever it is, or even trafficking their website. And so when they're at that stage, doing those less expensive ads to get a little bit of social proof going is really, really necessary for them just for them. First of all, it's not just to show people that, Oh, maybe this is something worthwhile to look at or to click on. But also it gives them a little bit of a sense of confidence as well that like, Oh, somebody actually liked my, my content. It gives a little confidence boost.
Yeah. I completely agree. And to be honest, I think I mean, I've just, I got a new client when I say new, we've been together six weeks now and I'm actually waiting for her to finish off an evergreen webinar. And then but in the meantime, because again, like you say, she didn't have the, the audience size and so on and so forth. So I simply you've got some great content on your page. Let's just do some engagement and video view ads. And I also was running blog posts, ads, and two specifically blog posts, very related to what her webinar's going to be about. Exactly. Yeah. And so we were doing those and they bring brilliant these grapes. I was, but what I was getting to there is that that people don't seem to do that as much nowadays. I mean, it's very rare. I anyway, see ads in my use feed that aren't lead generation. No I'm conversion style ads. And I'm thinking even I'm missing a trick here because it's not just about, yes. We want to spend most of our money on getting people onto our email list, into our webinars, et cetera, et cetera, because we want to make sales. But if you've got like a few dollars being spent, just building up a constant awareness and audiences around your business as well, that's just only going

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To, because it doesn't cost much. That's the whole point. And it's just going to keep building up. And I tell you, it's worked really, really well. I mean, we've actually running some lead gen ads for their basic PDF download that my client has got. And we're getting like an average of 29 cent leaves slide. It's amazing.
That's insane. What's the, what's the industry for that?
She is I don't know what you call it, I suppose, a health and wellness type coach. So the, the, yeah. And I mean, I've never seen, I normally, when I'm looking at one to $2 for no, basically my best dog download ad, but yeah, I couldn't believe it. And she helps women over 40 who are peri menopause or menopause or post medicals or that sort of thing to basically change that sort of habits of lifestyle and eating and, and all these things. So yeah,
The hormones and everything that go with it, I might, I might need her number, so
No, I need it as well. Sorry, Marsha. I'm not paying close attention, but yeah, I was quite blown away by the results. We're getting to such to such a point where she's just had to upgrade her active campaign account, which I didn't even cross my mind because we went in 10 days to 1100 people on our list. So. Wow, cool. Yeah. I'm glad I had no may discontinue. Thank you very much. Facebook
Alex, I'm trying to add you. Cause I saw that you sent a notification to come up, look on your screen, see if it's giving you a see if it's giving you a little button to push, to come on up and accept the invitation and then you can come up and speak. All right. So there you are. So tell us
Hi, can you guys hear me? Yeah. Oh, okay. Good. I wasn't sure. Cause I don't see that little speaker thing, but first of all, Sally, thank you so much for getting me an invite into this wonderful new app. And I is listening so far and, and yeah, I think I, I would be a person that you know, is struggling in bootstrapping her way through online courses for inventors I'm in the invention space which I find very hard for nailing finding the right profile person because anybody can be an inventor and there's not a lot of information about inventing. So I can't say well, okay who takes magazines for inventing? You know, there's just not that kind of stuff out there. So it's been hard for me to nail down how to reach out to my particular profile of people that I'm looking for. And that's why I've been kind of skiddish of doing Facebook ads. Cause I feel like I'll just, you know, blessing it out there to the universe.
Well, why don't you tell us a little bit about your business a little bit more detail and maybe we can help you create some definitions around your client and what it is you're trying to get them into.
Yeah, certainly. So you all have watched shark tank, right? Oh yeah. So what happened is, especially after shark tank, there's a lot of people out there say, Oh, I have an idea for a product or I have an idea for a concept. And this was about six years ago. It was almost seven years ago. I was one of those people that had an idea had quite a few ideas. And so I, I found this one company online it's called invent. Right. and I learned how to license products, how to develop products and licensed products from them. And then I started coaching for them. I coach for them for about three years. Then I decided to take this on my own, you know, and go out and do other things. And had so many people contacting me because I did have the branding of this company on my back.
Right. So, so many people reaching out to me saying, Oh please, how do I do this? How do I do this? How do I do this? And so they didn't have any money. Of course. So I said, okay, well let me, let me put some online courses together, which I'm, I'm really enjoyed doing. So I created these online courses, created invent insight, which is my, my company founded that. And so it's people that you find that just like people that you know, were in the garage and said, Oh my goodness, there's the rat should hang like this or trip over the hose and say, you know, there's a better way to do this as a better, better mouse trap. And, and, and, and all kinds of industry kitchen is very big. Pet is very big. So there are forums. I find that, interestingly enough, I find that LinkedIn is I get a lot more lift off of LinkedIn than I have really been, trying to find my footing on Facebook. And I know Facebook would, because matter of fact, I just got a client the other day off of Facebook, but I just don't understand Facebook that much. I really need to dig in there and figure out because I really do want to do some advertising, but basically it's anybody, anybody, I mean, any one of you tomorrow could be driving and say, Oh, you know, if the windshield did this instead, or the windshield wiper had this on it, it would be better.
Well, and that's, that's the whole, you know, that's what all invention over time. There's enough invention and innovation that changes the world that progresses us along. But one thing I want to ask though, is what is the content online that you have that is available for people to get, like, do you have a website and you have a blog or give us a little bit of insight on that.
Certainly. So I I actually started with a partner that that got very sick and couldn't continue with me. And of course he was the back end guy, right. He was the wizard, the SEO guy, the website builder. So I found myself floating around the ocean by myself. And so I found Kajabi and I said, okay, I can figure this out. Right. And this is what Emma was saying is not easy. So I started that and I learned how to create the website. And I built the courses, I put it up there and I started my blog. I'm, I'm doing Facebook. Facebook is my big, my big Kona because my competitor is in Facebook. My competitors are in Facebook and none of them really have an online, well, actually one guy kind of has an online thing, but anyway so I I've been working on Kajabi my site and then my Facebook, but I need to get my blog. My blogs needs help.
Do you know? Well, the blog is great because it can help you create a lot of macro content and then your social media content can be born from that. You basically take a macro piece of content, which is going to be a written piece, an audio piece, or a video piece, excuse me, a video piece. You have those bigger pieces that are larger chunks of information, deeper dives, if you will. But you have to have the bite bite sized pieces that lead people to those macro pieces. And then you have to understand that, you know, there's a pipeline like Kajabi says pipelines, same thing. When you say funnels you have to have a path that your customers are going to take to create that light, you know, that know like trust factor so that they will lead to your products. And then come in to get to know you.
Now it's going to be a lot of different ways of doing this. No two pipelines or funnels are alike. Everybody has their preferred way of producing content, their preferred way of, you know, preferred social media places, whatever that may be. But there are ways to optimize every step along the way, which is going to be the technical backend bits that you are probably wondering how in the world do I make these things sticky? And that's, that's where the stickiness comes in. And all that means is that if someone is following you around and looking at your content, and then they're going to your website, you need to understand the pattern the, that they are taking to get there. And then how many people are actually moving forward and where you can create those little trap doors, if you will, for people to fall into so that they're in the space where you're ready to sell to them.
And that's the whole marketing aspect of everything from the digital side, you have to go through that customer journey of building those relationships. Now you could add in a Facebook group, you could have a LinkedIn group, which I don't think the LinkedIn groups, you know, forget, you know, kick me if I'm wrong. I don't know if the LinkedIn groups really go anywhere. I have no idea. But Facebook groups can be really helpful connecting that to a Facebook page. You know, using Instagram where you want to, I like Instagram now. I didn't use to, but now I'm really, really, really getting into it. But those types of things are something that you've got to be able to sit down and really strategize what makes the most sense for people with the pathway, for them to take and to know how to drop out that information to them. That is just enough for them to have a little success or a little bit of taste of what you're doing before they move into the next thing of actually buying a course and then understanding how to price those things out and how to disseminate them out to people. That's going to be your biggest challenge in all of this it's everybody's biggest challenge before you ever go into dropping money on advertising that maybe doesn't really have a place to lead them. That's appropriate.
Yeah. I can see that. I, I started with my YouTube is now I'm putting together a cheat sheet and, or a, you know, a checklist depending on what the tutorials about. So I want to try that this week, I'm going to put a link, I'm doing a pipeline in Kajabi, and then there'll be a quick landing page for them to go to. They can download this document. And I just want to see what happens because I'm, my YouTube is doing pretty good. My, I realized now that my, my website really needs to be, it's a two, it's got too much going on. It needs to be simplified. So I really need to start working on that as well. But it said that I was sorry, Alex. I was just going to agree with that because you were saying, you think your clients are your potential clients on Facebook.
I really, as I'm thinking you saying, there's not much out that with your niche or industry, I really do think Facebook group would be brilliant for what you do and who you help. I think having that community of people being able to ideas off each other and get feedback, I think that would be absolutely amazing. And so if you decided to go that route, I mean, yes, it takes work and you've got to make sure that you're up for committing that time too, to maintain and keep the group active and engaged. However, what you could do, if you decide to go that route, what you can do with your lead back that's for example, is when they get to the thank you page and you send them your little email sequence as well included in there is you can say to them, you know, you've downloaded this now.
Why not come and join my Facebook group? So you're not only building your list, but you're encouraging them into your Facebook group. And then as I say, you, you, you always need some sort of, even if it's only two or three emails, you need some sort of email sequence, like a welcome sequence after people opt in for your lead magnets. And the first thing they're going to get is obviously the email with a link to download it, and then give them a bit of value, spread out over a few days, maybe a week, and then a few follow up emails and maybe giving them some extra tips. And when you get to blogging, you could actually link out to obviously relevant blog posts and things like that. But again, going back to the Facebook group, obviously you could say, you know, if you, if you want extra help, if you've got an idea, you want to get feedback on, et cetera, join the Facebook group. So, you know, you've got the two way street to doing it. They're getting them onto your list and getting them into a group. And if you can build up my grade, I think that'd be a great time.

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Yes. I was going to ask, add one more thing to this too. Alex, if you set up a Facebook group, the other thing that's going to happen is that Facebook is going to automatically kind of internally advertise that for you as well. And people will run across it. And if they do any searches, they're going to run across it. So you make your title something very obvious, like inventors idea, incubator or something like, you know, something really obvious that, Oh, we're at the very beginning idea stage of this because you were the hero who comes in and lifts them out of the idea stage into something real.
Now this might be a kind of a dumb question, but what's the difference between like I have Facebook, my Facebook, right. That I've had for many years. And I've got all my friends from the last industry was, cause I worked as a general manager here in Las Vegas for a tour operator for 12 years before I got into this whole invention stuff. And so I, so I have, but I have, so I have my regular Facebook, me and then I have a Facebook page invent insight. And I also have a Facebook page for one of my inventions. So a group is different.
Oh yeah. So basically when, when you talk about where you have friends and Hey, Kimberly, just saying, Hey, real quick, I'll bring you up in a sec. When you, when you, when you have the friend space that's called your Facebook profile, that has nothing to do with business. It's not going to give you any leverage whatsoever, just maybe, you know, just people maybe know what you do, that sort of thing. And you can, you can put in your in your about area, like you can actually link to your Facebook business page. So your inventor's business page, whatever. I can't remember what you said. That was called insight. Okay. Invent insight. So that can be linked on your Facebook profile and make it public so that people can actually find you and then they can click over and find your page. And then you go over to the business page.
That's where you're going to have all the leverage when it comes to gaining followers, gaining tracking of people who follow the content that comes out of that page because Facebook allows the Facebook makes it so we can create audiences of the people who touch our content over there. It also gives you opportunities to link your Facebook business page to a Facebook group that you create. And then you've got an opportunity for people to join your group, right from your Facebook page. There's like a call to action button there where they could come join the group. Or if you want them to go do your download, instead, you can do that. But that's where you're going to be able to build up foundation in audience. And that's really important.
So it's interesting because I got a lot of people asking to be friends with me on Facebook and I can tell they're, you know, inventor, peeps. And so I'm thinking, okay, well I have, I guess, like connect with them and then just turn, you know, how, where do I have him connect? I mean, how do I say to them, I really don't want you on my personal page, but
I'm the link to the group and say, this is the best place to connect with me is through this group, you can also say, here's my Facebook page, go there, then click the button to sign up for my you know, free membership into my group, something like that. And then the other thing you can do is that when you set up the group, there are settings that you can create so that when people come into the group, first of all, you need to have some group rules, you know, to go to some guidelines for behavior in the group. You don't want a bunch of people spamming their products. And then also you want to have maybe an entry question that, that asks them for their email so that you can capture their email and then get them into your list, which may be you literally going to your landing page and entering their information yourself so that they get the, they get the download that you have for them as an introduction to your membership. Okay. Okay. So Kimberly, did you want to come up and say anything? You're, you're welcome to but I want to make sure I welcome you Kimberly Kimberly's in my group. And and we, we were constantly having these types of discussions, all of us.
Can I just say one other thing that keeps like, just going through my mind for, for extra group is there's all within the settings. Alex is also the different style of groups that you've got a public route, which means anyone can see it. Not only joined her, but without joining, they can see all the comments and the posts I normally advise against that. So you would want to set it up as a private group so that people can keep, obviously everything they're saying within that group. And no one can see it unless they become a member of that group, which I think definitely with inventions would be imperative. Exactly. Thank you.
Yeah. And there's also another setting to have it either visible or hidden if it's visible, that means that people can see that it exists and see that there are other people there, but they can't see what's happening inside. And then there's the the hidden group, which is like a secret group. I don't necessarily recommend that. It's, it's harder to get people into those secret groups. There's some weird nuance with Facebook and I can't remember, I just don't even deal with it anymore. But at one point you had to be friends with people to get them into a secret group. I don't know if that's the case anymore, but it's not find-able or searchable if it's hidden. So I would want it to be visible, but private. So there's two settings there.

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Okay. That sounds good. Thank you so much for that.
You're welcome. And then when you do get ready to run ads, one of the things that you'll want to do is to have those, a few of those things patched together, ready to go test it, make sure it works, and then have people start going to it and signing up people that you already know, you know, to go through your funnel, if you will, and you don't necessarily have to have something ready to sell right away, you really could just set this up as a community, building funnel, if you will, for the time being until you're ready to pitch an offer to them, but you'll have their email addresses. You will have them in the Facebook group. You will have opportunities to get in front of them again and again. And then that's when you can go into starting to create some of those ads and to push them out there.
When you get into ads, there's so many technical little bits to click on and to understand. And just one thing I want to caution you with is that if you boost a post from your page where it just says, Hey, boost this post and then click this button, and here you go, I'm going to tell you right now that that's not going to necessarily give you the best results that is going to push your money out there, but it's going to be a little bit more difficult to control what's happening. So would say, hold off a little bit on that until you really understand the type of content you want to put out there. And then when you're ready, I do have a very good system that will help teach you what to do with that. If you want to, you know, let me know, I'll be happy to send you the information on that. But you know, understanding how people are going to come to you and how you're going to create that community is going to be really important before you do anything.
Okay. Yeah, that, that sounds good. And I, you know, that boost button, I always look at it and go, yeah. So I know, I know. I, I wanted to see what like to over-prepare and that's probably why it's taken me so long to get all this done, but yeah, I will definitely ping you and see what we can, we can do.
I call that Facebook tax. It goes there and you just never know what happens after that. I love that. I'm going to use that Facebook. Yeah. Facebook tax. So anybody else have any questions? Susan, did you have anything else you wanted to add or Kimberly, do you have any questions around Facebook ads or you know, anything, anything else?
I, I don't have anything specific. I know that when I tried to do my most recent ad, I wasn't, Oh, can I change the end date? Like for an ad, for my husband's business, I had one that was recurring and it has all kinds of proof, social proof on it, like hundreds of comments. And I went to rerun it again, but it has ended and I lose everything.
No, you don't lose everything. Like if it ended already and it doesn't allow you. And I think they just started allowing you to extend it because I did it for my husband as well. But if you can't extend that end date, just duplicate that ad set and you know, started again, but make sure that you are using the unique post ID. What's it called select post ID instead of creating there's a button that says create ad on the ad level page. If you will click that drop down and choose use existing post under that, there'll be like enter post ID. You will use the post ID from Facebook. Now that's inside the face, the mad science course in my there's a lesson that's specifically about keeping social proof on an ad. So just go get that. I will do that. You cannot change anything about the specific ad itself, the button, the copy, the image, the video, whatever it is that has to stay the same. You can't change it or it starts over. But if you're just wanting to run the same thing again, just grab that post ID and pop it in there and good to go. Yep.
Okay. That's what I want to do. Thank you. You're welcome. Now.
What about you, Kimberly? What's going on?
Hey, just always happy to join in when you're talking,
You didn't come to the the coworking this morning.
No, I was busy listening to something else and I'm like, Oh, I'm missing Nicole.
I was working, putting proof source on my website, playing with it to see what I want to do with it. And I'm speaking of social proof, that's going to be the proof. That's the proof that you can put on your website. There's all kinds of companies that do it, but basically you add some code to your site that allows for your Facebook reviews to pop up on your pages. Susan, the funny thing is, is I went to test it and your review on my Facebook page was the first one that popped up. You can add Google reviews, you can have those automatically pipe in, and then you can have any time somebody buys something or signs up for something. It'll be like, Hey, so-and-so just got this. Or so-and-so just got that. And so it really can help encourage people to go ahead and click that button because they know other people are doing it too, to either buy something or you know, or to just sign up for a free resource.
Yeah. And if anybody doesn't want to figure out the tech on that, I have a tool that puts up testimonials on your website. Fact, if you go to my website, you can see it at work.
Awesome. Awesome. Which one do you use?
It's, it's not a common one. It starts with an M maybe got in there for a long time. It just, once you set it up, you don't even have to go in there again, have a testimony yet to add your name to, but yeah, I mean, I can you know, just message me on and stuff. If you want set up kind of set it up and forget it or just pop in Kimberly, you know, send us, I'll put
Shout out for you for a second. Kimberly knows every tool that ever was invented online. I think because Kimberly you're in this group where a lot of these software developers are pitching their new software. Some of them will go out on AppSumo deals. Some of them are just their own deals and they're pitching through this community and Kimberly manages this group for someone else who kind of fell into managing these, these types of offers. And so I'm always like, okay, what's a tool that does this, but doesn't do that. And then only costs this much. And Kimberly goes, hold on, let go. Find that for you.
Oh, that's wonderful.
Yeah. Yeah. It's really great.
I don't manage that group anymore.
Oh, you do? I didn't know you didn't but you're still in there.
Yeah. Cause I love the tech. Cool. See, I'd want to buy it, but then I can't go in my grave at all. Ever.
I had to turn off the notifications in my, what did you say, Alex?
So the tech is my Achilles tendon and you know, AppSumo, I just found out about that, that thing. And it's dangerous. I have to lock my credit card up and put it away because it's like, Oh look, we have this, it's only $39. So that'll lifetime of the product and it'll do this, this and this for you. And now I'm at a point probably because I'm older, but I go in there and I'm like, I get an email from, you know, what was the one I just bought? I forget what it was. And I'm like, what is that? I'm like, Oh my God, that's the program I bought.
Oh, I've got so many of those that I'm like, I know I have a login for this, but I can't remember the name of it. And I just, I try not to do it too much. But just so you know, on Monday I'm actually having a discussion with another lady from the UK named Sally Wadhwa and she is she talks a lot about marketing tools at every stage of business. And so we're going to kind of going to go through some of the main ones for people like us, like who we're serving coaches, consultants, small business entrepreneurs. And we're going to go through those types of tools. So that may help as well. That's going to be on Monday and I am going to record it as well. I'm really trying to expand how I'm using this clubhouse opportunity because I don't want to lose the content that's here.
That's the frustrating thing that you don't have the ability to record unless you set up your own little, you know, system. And I've figured finally figured that out yesterday. So I want you guys, I want to invite you to be able to get a copy of this. I am going to put it on my website in a blog post and it will be labeled with clubhouse. So just so you know that that is going to be coming. At some point I might even make it into a podcast which Kimberly actually manages my podcast on another site that I have. Susan is excellent at web services website. All of the, those types of things am is great with Facebook ads. I know Facebook ads. I teach a group around con you know, content that really convinces people to take action. I'm opening up a new membership with that. I have a Facebook ads agency and I teach, go deep with people on sales funnels, which is going to be the that's the hardest part people for people to get. Right. but it definitely needs to be done. So if anybody has anything else they want to say, let's do that real quick and then wrap up in the next two or three minutes and make sure let's all follow each other. Okay. Because I wanna make sure that we connect. I hate to miss people and then not see, see them anymore. Right.
I think I'm already following everybody. Oh yeah. I know I'm following you Alex. Cause I sent you the invitation to here.
I think I'm following everybody.
How did, how do you do that?
You click on their face and a little menu will pop up.
Yeah. You
Can also click on someone's face and then go see their profile to see all the goodies.
Oh, I see. Awesome. Yeah. It's awesome.
Sorry. You might even start your own little clubhouse club for inventors just to start that conversation, but, and then you lead them to your lead magnet to your Facebook group. All of that.
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That's what I'm thinking. That's what I'm thinking. And that's why I like this app because you know what I got to tell you, it's really hard when you get older and you, and you're doing a YouTube video and you have to edit it. Okay. So when you have to edit a video, it takes longer than creating the video and you have to look at yourself and hear yourself and look at yourself and hear yourself. I'm telling you what I'm going with clubhouse from now on and part, I think I'm going to get into podcasts and forget the YouTube. Exactly. Absolutely. I've got a podcast of my life, whether I go to hair and makeup done.
Awesome. All right. Well, listen, ladies, let's wrap this up. I'm so happy. We got to do this together. It's been good deep diving with you and sharing some tips on Facebook ads and sales funnels and all the good stuff. So let's connect again. Let's follow each other's clubs. If we have them, you know, become members, whatever, click on those buttons and just Snoop around and we'll see you next time. Okay.
Thanks Sally. Thank you, Sally. You're welcome. Thank you.
Yeah, sure. Thanks. Thanks for coming.
Okay. Great. You and mom and to you too. All right. Bye-Bye bye.



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