Content Marketing: 4 Ways to Name Your Blog Posts to Capture Attention Easily

My father was a writer. He wrote family stories while he did genealogy research. He didn't just go to county archives to look for marriage and death records. He reached out to people before there was this thing called Facebook, so that he could hear their version of things that happened that he had heard about but didn't have all the details on. It certainly made for better reading than just a list of ancestors in a family tree. 

Most marketers focus on the content within their blog posts, but they forget about the titles and how important they are to capture the right attention with emotion and heart.

Here are some tips on how to write good blog titles to maximize readership of your blog post articles, where you have spent so much of your hard work, time, and effort.

1. Focus on keywords in the title.

Google searches based on keywords that you put in your titles. It's important to put the most relevant keyword, called the focus keyword, as close to the front of your title as possible. Think about what people are searching online and try to be the answer to their questions.

Note that the focus keyword is important for search engine optimization (SEO), too, so that your blog post becomes the answer to people's questions when they search on Google or Bing.

2. Use numbered lists in your blog titles.

The reason you want to use numbered lists is that people like to follow bullet points. They're easy to read, follow, and summarize. The titles of your numbered lists are important, too, as Google and Bing searches subtitles within blog posts to see if questions people are asking are answered deeper in the article. Pay attention to keywords in your subtitles.

3. Use emotional words in your titles.

Emotional adjectives such as "simple", "easy", "fast", "quick", "engaging", "awesome", "amazing", "stellar", "happy", etc, are important to use because they evoke a feeling from the reader. Readers like to engage with content that produces some sort of emotion.

4. Use "How-to" in the title of your instructional blog post.

People love to read how-to articles because they empower them with information to get something completed. Instructional posts are some of the most popular blog posts online today because people are searching for answers. Most Google searches start with, "How do you....?" or "How to.....?"

Do you use content marketing to promote your products and services?

Don't be afraid to tell stories. That's what people want to read, like my father's story on an over century old family feud.

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