7 Steps to Nurture Your Followers to Keep Them Coming Back for More

Why you want to nurture your followers once they become leads

Just getting a lead into your email subscriber database is not enough. In fact, very few people who get on your list will buy something right away. They require more warming up.

Consider sending them a video welcome sequence at first, but then after that sequence is over, put them into a nurture sequence to add more value. This will help develop trust in your brand.

Content for an Email Nurture Sequence

If you are blogging (or podcasting), that's one of the most obvious pieces of content you can send to your subscribers. Take the first few lines of your blog post, put them into your email, then include a hyperlink to have them click over to your blog post.

The reason you want them to click is because you can tag that in your email marketing software, and you can track the clicks on your site if you have the Facebook Pixel installed.

Use Facebook Live Streams as Content to Email

When you go live on Facebook, you want as many viewers on those videos as possible. Make sure you email your list the link to that post.

To get the permalink to the post:

  1. Click on the timestamp underneath your page name on the post. 
  2. The post will then be isolated as the only post on the page.
  3. Copy the URL of that post. 
  4. Create a hyperlink in your email.


Summarize Your Content into Micro-Blogs or Social Media Posts

Take the best tips or snippets out of your blog posts to create social media posts. Come up with a color scheme for your posts that goes along with your branding colors to make your square images for Instagram and Facebook. You no longer have to have rectangular images for Facebook, so use the squares for both.

Repurpose Your Blog Posts for LinkedIn Articles

On your LinkedIn profile, you can post to the news feed about your latest blog post, but make sure you also Write an Article that will remain on your profile as content you've published. A post will go through the news feed and disappear eventually.

Take the same snippet you emailed to your list and then put a hyperlink to the blog post to encourage readers to leave LinkedIn and visit your actual blog post page. Again, this is how you can track visitors if you have your Facebook Pixel installed.

Track Where Your Traffic Comes From with Use Google UTM Parameters to Track Where Traffic Originates

You may want to consider developing a Google UTM parameter link, so that you can track in Google Analytics where your traffic is coming from. We'll explain more about how to do that in a future blog post.

Advertise Your Content on Facebook

Most people think about advertising lead generation and sales content only, but it's important to nurture your followers with content that doesn't ask for anything, such as your blog posts or other content you post.

Consider creating Facebook ads and targeting your followers. You can target your subscribers, Facebook business page engagers, and visitors to your website.

Create a Nurture Checklist

Consider creating a nurture checklist, so you don't leave out any steps when you publish your content. Here's mine:

  1. Blog/Podcast/Facebook Live
  2. Create Google UTM parameter links
  3. Email snippet/teaser paragraph with hyperlink
  4. Instagram posts
  5. Facebook business page posts
  6. LinkedIn post with snippet and hyperlink
  7. Advertise Facebook Lives, an image post, and a slideshow video post all pointing to the latest blog post or other content.

Your followers will see you everywhere in different formats and surely will think of you when they need a solution that you can provide.

What other ways do you nurture your followers? Post in the comments or in my free Facebook group where we teach social media marketing tricks.


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