Why You Want to Advertise to Your Email Subscribers

Why would I want to advertise to my email subscribers?

With open rates down on emails, it's more important than ever to advertise to your email list, so they will see your content. The only platform that allows this is Facebook.

Facebook advertising allows you to create audiences based on the emails and phone numbers of your subscribers. They've already given you permission by signing up for a download or your newsletter, and that's enough to be able to advertise to them on Facebook.

Here's how you do it inside Ads Manager.

Inside Ads Manager, click on the hamburger menu bar. Then click All Tools. From there, go to Audiences.

Next, click on Create Audience and select Custom Audience.

From here, you'll want to select Customer File.

Follow the prompts that Facebook gives you to Add customers from your own file or copy and paste data. You will be able to add email addresses and phone numbers to your audience. The rest of the instructions are self-explanatory. Make sure you save your audience!

Next time you send out an email announcing your latest blog post or something else you want to communicate to your list, also create a summarized Facebook advertisement, target it to your email audience you just created for $1 per day until everyone is reached. Watch your reach statistics to see when frequency reaches about 3, then turn it off.

With email open rates suffering, this is a surefire way to put your content in front of your subscribers, warm them up with your authority, and target them for offers you want them to see.

What else do you do to battle email open rates?


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