Coaches Supporting Coaches to Be Accountable. Meet David Jacobson.

Introducing David Jacobson, Financial Coach and Accountability Mentor

When I first met David Jacobson, he came to me through a referral. (Thanks, Tamsen 😉) He had two amazing sites on Kajabi. One he was using to coach other financial coaches to have successful businesses, called Coach-Connections. The other is a perk for his CC members to be a client-facing network of financial coaches that clients can choose from to help with their unique situations. This is called Accountable.

This is niche coaching at its best! Everyone can offer financial coaching, but only the coaches with specific life experiences can identify with the clients of the same vein. It's a beautiful mixture of holding each other accountable.

Dave's had his coaching membership for over 10 years, but it wasn't until he started using Kajabi that he was able to see his ultimate visions come to life.


How to Use Kajabi for List Building and a Membership Site

Hi, my name is Dave Jacobson. Megan asked me to put together some information on how I use Kajabi in hopes that it might help you or inspire you or give you some assistance. I wish I would've had some examples to look at before I built my business.

I use it for website list building and a membership. So I'm going to walk you through that little bit of background. I didn't have an issue with content. I had plenty of content. I just needed a simple way to organize it, streamline it and present it, and then market it and get it out there. So that's what I was personally struggling with.

What Does David Jacobson Do in His Coaching Business?

A 30,000 foot view of, of what I do. There's actually two sites that I have. So Coach-Connections provides a step by step process for financial coaches to become confident, competent, and profitable.

We encourage coaches or teach them our foundation principles, so that they can get up to speed on the three legs of the coaching stool, which is technical knowledge, how to build a coaching business, and then also the art of coaching.

Helping Coaches Find a Niche

We also help coaches niche or find a specialty that they specialize in. For example, single moms, newlyweds, wealth building, couples that are transitioning to retirement, etc, because they acquired that unique set of expertise. Those individuals can take clients to the next level and go beyond just basic financial coaching. Those coaches that are featured on our other site, Accountable Network, where people go to for guided steps to financial freedom.

Connecting Coaches Through Coach Matching

They're able to go through our coach match process so that they can be teamed up with a coach that understands their unique situation. And because they have been through it or had been trained on it, for instance, a single mom, I have no idea what it would be like to be a single mom, but to be able to have somebody that's actually been a single mom going through a financial transformation and has some tools, tips, and resources to not only get the financial side but gets me, that would be cool.

So we connect individuals through the coach match process to their ideal coach to give them even a greater transformation. So that's the 30,000 foot view of the two sites.

Using Kajabi for List Building

For list building, let's go with the Coach-Connection site over here first. There is the opportunity for them to learn about membership. Where I go into more detail, this opens up the sales page that goes into how we got started and kind of does that long sales form process. They can, and I have had a lot of success doing, meetups. I call them meetups. Some call them a ask me anything. It's not really a webinar because the process I use where Coach-Connections coaches that connect. So even though in our program we have videos, resources, guides, what I've found is videos, resources and guides are nice, but the true transformation comes from the application.

Coaches Connect with Each Other

So coaches when they go through our program are actually able to connect with us, pick up the phone, jump on a zoom call, whatever it is, because then we can talk through and help them apply this information. So the meetup is an example that, of them being able to jump on a live Zoom call. We'll have a hundred people on the call, and we'll just field questions from people that are starting out, or even veteran coaches that maybe want to scale their business, and through that, they're going to be able to see that interaction and connecting, and the power of it is really valuable, which helps us sell who we are. We connect, so then they can enroll in what I call orientation. The term orientation simply comes from the members. 

Use an Orientation to Onboard New Members

I had a way to deliver it, no problem, and Kajabi, it's just been awesome. So I'm going to give you an analogy of why I use the orientation. This may work for you, too, if you imagine a Facebook group, when it starts off, everybody has these great questions and everybody's energized and they, they kind of ask those foundation or basic questions and then everybody kind of elevates to that next level, right? And they're asking advanced questions and things like that. Well what happens when you inject new members into the group, because we were private invitation only group forever, is when those new members come in, it's a little frustrating in the group and you can see a disconnect going on because the veterans are trying to ask higher level questions and the newbies are coming in and saying, how do I get leads, etc.

So the veterans are going to search the thread. There's posts about that already. It just becomes kind of messy. The veterans aren't able to excel, and the newbies don't feel like they're being served. So I created an onboarding process or orientation to get the new members up to speed on the systems, resources, and best practices that we use, so we can speak the same language, and then they become part of the mastermind and everybody excels. So my orientation process does that. They're in about six months for a program, and then they just continue on with a membership.

Use Membership to Create a Client Facing Network

The Accountable Network is client facing. So individuals seeking coaching, a mom and dad that want to improve, the single mom that wants to improve her finances. Everything is client facing on Accountable. Everything that is in Coach-Connections is coach-facing with the coaches.

Here's how these two marry together. The coaches, I found in my coaching, work with over 2000 clients, I would have the same conversation over and over and over, which was fine, but it wasn't very efficient. So what we did is in Accountable Network is we created a series of videos, guides, resources that our clients could tap into. I call it flip coaching, so it has cut our coaching time by about 80% it's more consistent, higher quality, etc. So we developed a course within Accountable that they can log into. It's called the Assistant Financial Coach. So a coach, when they're out working with a client for instance, that maybe needs to improve their communication, they can log into the Assistant Financial Coach, watch the video on how to establish and set up a weekly meeting to improve communication. They watch the video, download the guide, go through it. Then in their next coaching session that can come to the coach and say, this was great, but I have a question on this, this and this. We're stuck here. And now the coach gets to do more strategic coaching versus the foundational training. And then the ramp up period. The transformation is so much quicker, not only for the client, but it takes less time for the coach. So the membership side of Coach-Connections, one of the things that helps me with retention is that they get access to the courses within Accountable Network.

Use Courses and Resources to Assist Your Coaching Network

These courses include the 15 minutes spending plan, being able to log somebody into a course before we even start coaching and saying, hey, just give this spending plan process, a chance run through it. So, it's just so cool. So they froze. They show up to their first session. These are a coaching clients with a proactive and intentional spending plan, what's coming in, what's going out at zero it out. And they even have some short term savings built in before they get to the coaching session. It is so cool. Here's the Assistant Financial Coach.

For small business owners, we've got things like the business launch kits, so individuals that are starting their business, they're like, what do I do first, second, third, fourth. And then they may set up something and then later find out that they've kind of created a mass tax wise or what have you.

Put New Members Through an Orientation

The business launch kit is designed to walk somebody step by step through that process. It was developed by our team, and things like that. We've got a lot of other resources to kids and money course, all that stuff. All those resources are available to members. Here's how I set up the Coach-Connections. Since Coach-Connections, as a reminder, is all for coaches, content for coaches to get them equipped for orientation. As I had shared, it has all the modules, guides, it's a step by step process to become confident, competent and profitable. We walk them through those three legs of the stool, right? Art Of coaching, technical knowledge in how to build a coaching business. What I had trouble with, and this is how I did a work around, is I would have different classes going through at different times and if we had a recording that made sense to capture from our Q and a sessions or what have you, it got kind of messy to put it in orientation because orientation was all scripted out.

So what I did instead is I created a communication hub. So with our five 19 class has its own hub for communication. This is where they go to find out meeting links connect with each other. Any special recordings that's unique to their group gets put in there. That way it keeps my orientation clean in the communication hub is there, as they advanced to mastermind, they just, we have, eliminate the five 19 hub and elevate them to the mastermind hub, gives them access to different things in there. I don't know what else you would need. I showed you how to do list building and some of it, how I use it for a membership, and I give you an overview of the websites.

A Free Gift From Dave

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