Get Better Focus and Attention on Your Business. Meet Tiffany Flaten.

Introducing Rock Bottom Wellness with Tiffany Flaten

Tiffany and I met at a conference in Nashville a couple of years ago that inspired her to take those scary steps forward in her business and really step it up online.

And that's exactly what she has done.

When it comes to nurturing your thyroid back to health, Tiffany knows what she's doing. As a board certified nutritionist with an online program, she can help you where you are.

Since my audience is full of entrepreneurs seeking advice on business, I thought it appropriate to bring you one of Tiffany's videos on how to get your focus back with your nutrition.

Focus and Attention for Your Business


00:01                                  Hey, it's Tiffany with rock bottom wellness. And I just wanted to talk to you today about attention deficit and focus. Um, some of the things that we deal with as adults, um, areas, the multitasking that we take in all the things we have to do, our job, take care of the kids, do the grocery shopping, clean the house, make the lunches, um, prepare for dinner. It's a lot to take in, um, and then throw in a commute in there as well. And we're, we're just also multitasking that oftentimes we have struggles with focusing. Now some of us as adults have been diagnosed with attention deficit and that's something that went to been diagnosed when we were kids in school. It is very common now for kids in school to be diagnosed with attention deficit and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. So whether or not your diagnosis is, um, something like that, then it has that component to it.


00:55                                  Um, there are nutrients that affect your ability or lack there of with focusing. So what I would like to share with you are some key nutrients that are necessary to keep you able to multitask. Although we should try to stop multitasking as much as we do as adults. Um, but there are things that we can do to help us focus, to keep us in check and healthy and our brain, you know, in one direction versus 20 directions at all times. So the most common deficiencies I see when I do blood work with people are vitamin B, six magnesium, searing in asa tall, Coleen B five. A lot of those also fall under the umbrella of the stress component. So if someone is stressed out chronically or maybe just situationally, and that happens a lot over time, those deficiencies crop up and then they set us up for an ability to focus, which makes it hard as you know, to get anything done with efficiency or sometimes even with quality quality
starts to go down in our work.


02:04                                  So that is something that I deal with all the time with my people is really supporting underlying nutrients to help people thrive and function instead of just get by with a general, um, you know, recommendation for multivitamins or something like that. We need to dig a lot deeper into finding out what is at the root and what is the underlying cause of a lot of these symptoms. And kind of the beauty of it is, is that those symptoms overlap with so many things that a lot of times with nutrient repletion we're, uh, solving many issues with the same nutrients. So it's kind of a win-win. Um, you might think, you know, people might think they're coming to because they have trouble focusing, but oftentimes there's many other things going on along the way that become corrected because we're focusing on focus. So, um, my name is Tiffany. I own rock bottom wellness and I'm a board certified and licensed nutritionist and ideal with underlying deficiencies that cause your symptoms. And I figure out ways that we can replete those nutrients and having you feeling amazing and actually quite a bit short at quite a short time. It doesn't have to be taking forever, no matter how long you've had these conditions. Thank you.

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