Facebook Advertising for Events to Get People to Visit Your Booth or Know You Exist

When attending an event, it's important to gain attention. One of the ways you can do this is via advertising. Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can raise awareness to others that you are at this event, especially if you are a presenter or sponsor with a table or booth.

Advertise with Geo-targeting on Facebook and Instagram

On Facebook (and Instagram), you can choose a specific address in the targeting field and choose a radius from 1 to 50 miles away from that address. You can also select zip codes, city names, states, or an entire country. Depending on where you are, pinpointing down to a specific address, such as a conference center or arena, can help you reach the people attending the event. You can also 'drop a pin' on a map if you don't have the exact address.

Be sure to select Everyone in that location, so you don't miss anyone.

Advertise with Geo-Targeting on Snapchat

Snapchat allows you to create geo-filters and hover over a location of your choosing. Some areas are more expensive than others based on demand for that particular location. You choose the location and number of days or hours you want your filter to be available to people who are located in the area you've selected.

This is what a geo-filter looks like. Be sure to create a png transparent graphic, so that when people take their pictures with the filter, your image will be on top of their photo. Canva has templates to help you get started creating the right size graphics.

Advertise to Those Who Like the Event or Company Putting on the Event

Another way to narrow down your targeting to make sure you hit up the people who are at the event where you want to advertise is to choose detailed targeting interests related to the company and/or event that you're attending.

For example, if I want to advertise to people at Social Media Marketing World 2019, I would target those in the immediate area of the San Diego Conference Center AND those who like Social Media Examiner, the publication of the company that puts on this conference every year.

Advertise to Those Who Like the Speakers

In addition to choosing the creators of events, it helps to advertise to those in the immediate area of the conference AND to those who like each of the speakers. Usually at least 2 or 3 speakers at an event are able to be targeted on Facebook. 

If you cannot target the individual speaker, there may be a program or business name related to that influencer, so be sure to look for that, too.


Make LinkedIn Connections from an Event's LinkedIn Group

When you make connections on LinkedIn, you have the ability to get the email addresses of the people you're connected with. Join an event's group, so you can post in it, making other people aware of who you are. Say hello, set up a meetup, say you're attending certain meetups, and get to know people digitally first. Then reach out and make that connection. From there, you can connect on Facebook as well, ensuring that your new connection sees you in multiple places.

Use the Hashtags of the Event, Company, and Speakers on Twitter and Instagram

Most importantly, when you are posting on Twitter and Instagram, be sure to use the hashtags of the event. These hashtags are very popular before and during the event. Many times the organizers will encourage posting and choose certain posters to be winners of prizes. When people search the hashtags, they will see your posts next to theirs, raising awareness about who you are. The more entertaining your post, the more people will like it and give you an opportunity to connect with them.

Advertise a Contest or Prize Giveaways for Those Who Connect with You 

If you aren't sure what content to use to advertise at these events, consider putting on a contest or doing a prize giveaway. These are especially popular if you have a booth, but even if you don't, you could create a digital treasure hunt to send people around the event to connect with you personally and also have them connect with you digitally on your various social channels.

Regardless what you do, any of the things above are sure to help you connect with people in person at events. 


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