Focusing on Health and Fitness Over 40, Meet Kim Jefferson.

Even though we've never met in person, I have noticed Kim Jefferson online through Facebook groups that I'm in, particularly Jade Jemma's group. I like the message that Kim has to share about health and fitness.

Kim's focus is on women over 40, so if you fit the bill, check out what she has to say. Don't mind me not being on camera. I was playing around with this overlay graphic that Cathy Nolan made for me awhile back. 😏


                         00:05 [inaudible]

                         00:07 Kim Jefferson. Tell me a little bit about yourself, what you're doing, that sort of thing. We'll get into some more background questions, but in general, what do you do, Kim?

                   00:07                   I am a health and fitness coach, and I focus primarily on women over 40, helping them to feel fit, comfortable, confident in their bodies, as they are, so they can stop this whole restriction and break up with that diet mentality.

                         00:34                   I like that. I like that I'm over 40 and I have that mentality. So why exactly. So tell me what, what do, what do you love to do in your coaching business?

                         00:49                   I love those Aha moments, especially when they're like those really simple things. And that just like lights me up when some, when I give someone like a little simple thing and they're like, holy crap, I didn't think of that. You know, cause we always think health and fitness has to be this whole complicated thing. And when I give them something simple and they're like, I could do that. I'm like, yeah, we're getting somewhere.

                         01:15                   I have just recently come off drinking coffee every morning and I've started drinking tea. And, um, is there anything you could tell me that I could do? Cause I've been trying to get away from that much caffeine in the morning because I really do wake up groggy and like I can't move if I don't have my coffee. So I'm finally over the headaches and all of that. So what do you think I should add in now? Because I'm just, I've got tea in the morning,

                         01:43 so for energy,

                         01:45 uh, energy, just cleansing, whatever, just a better way to start the morning than what I was doing before.

                         01:52 So I um, for a lot of people I always, I start my day with exercise. It helps for me, it helps balance me, but it also, I know me, if I let it go past eight, nine o'clock, I can come up with a million excuses for why I shouldn't work out. So I use and, and I, when I say I work out, like I can go for a walk and I feel like a new person. Like, I feel like I've gotten my thoughts cleared up in my head and like I'm ready to like attack the day. The other thing I tell people is like have a nice big glass of ice water. So cause most of us are dehydrated so have that cup of tea and then like the reward is the glass of water is the glass of water.

                         02:33 Yeah, I agree. The water definitely helps. I've been drinking a lot more water recently and um, and I can see a difference in how I actually feel overall.

                         02:43 Yeah. Because most of us are dehydrated and that dehydration leads us to eat more food cause we think we're hungry versus dehydrated. The other thing I tell my clients to do is have a bedtime, like you're a nine year old, like and commit to it. You know, I'm in bed 10 o'clock I'm old lady. Oh like 10 o'clock I'm in bed. I stayed up to like 12 I went to a red sox game a few weeks ago. See it's like midnight. I was a hot mess all week.

                         03:11 Oh okay. I understand. If you stay up way too late, it definitely messes with your sleep patterns and then you're going to wake up at the same time every morning no matter what.

                         03:22 Right. So, you know, when seven o'clock came, I was like, Oh God, but you know, when I have my normal bedtime, seven o'clock comes. I'm like, all right, let's do this.

                         03:31 So what do you do in your free time? Do you, are you able to incorporate your business into your life and your free time or do you totally unplug and do something else?

                         03:41 Um, you know, I totally wish I was at unplug or a person, but I'm not. So in my free, on my days off, um, I give myself a couple of hours that I do a few things and then I can like walk away and enjoy whatever I'm doing. If I'm on vacation, you know, I wake up in the morning, I could do a couple hours and I'm like, all right, let's go, let's do our schedule activity today, or lay on the beach or read a book or what have you. But I always feel like a couple hours and then I can move on with my day. Cool.

                         04:12 Very cool. Um, so talking about in your business, you know, you've got to have some inspiration out there to keep you going. Who are your inspirations in this fitness space and even in the online business space? Who,

                         04:27 who do you look to for, um, for your inspiration? Um, it's funny, I, I, I try not to look at fitness people because I find that it made me very competitive. And so now what I do is I, if I'm, I need some inspiration, I need some motivation to like keep going. I will go to like a youtube video and like, you know, those like compilation, um, goal type videos, that's the kind of, that's what gets me fired up. And usually when I hear something like that, something out of there, I'm like, oh cool, I could build off of that. So that's what kind of gets me going. Cause I felt like, and I'm sure many people listening to this, like we get caught up into comparisons. Like, I might look like if I'm a, um, you know, ads person, I might look, look at you Sally and be like, Sally has 4 million followers. Like what the Hell Hook come, I'm not doing what Sally's doing.

                         05:27 Well I have 4 billion.

                         05:29 If I look at, if I look at you and I'm like, God, like what's Sally doing? I can't believe it. And then like I feel like sometimes I would not purposely steal but like try to be you and that's not me. And like that was a pitfall I fell into when I first started. I would look at, you know, several people and I'm like, but I'm not Sally, I can't be Sally. So I had to like break free of looking at people in the fitness industry and just kind of look elsewhere in order for me to find the inspiration. So I didn't feel like I was mimicking or copying or trying to be someone that

                         06:05 right. You were just looking for some sort of direction and inspiration to move towards a, your own goals and your own way. And the thing is, you can use the same types of methods, but you're going to put your own spin on it and all of us are, and nobody has created a completely unique idea at this point in our lives. There's way things out there that there's just going to naturally draw you in and you're going to follow their lead on that, but then you would end up turning around and making it your own anyway, which is totally fair. That's not plagiarizing, that's not copying or stealing. That is literally being inspired and then turning it into something for your own business and your own followers.

                         06:49 Right. Absolutely. You know, like I look at it as like, you know, the mouse trap started but now like someone put like a different spin on the mouse trap, like so everyone can build a better mouse trap. So I just felt like if I looked outside of fitness and I found inspiration there, it made me feel more attuned to me versus Oh, Sally's got a new program. I should have a new program like I, and I felt like I was trying to keep up with the Joneses versus just being Kim.

                         07:17 Yes, exactly. I, and I've did, I've done it too. I've been through all of that. I have studied every program you can imagine out there and I have been like, Eh, don't really like that part of it. Or I do like this part of it. Or Hey, I could use this or hey, change this and then, you know, just make it a little bit different. Um, speaking of mouse trap, that reminds me of the game that we used to play as kids that you would build this crazy little, um, what do they call it? Like a rube rube, what do you call that? Rube Gold Goldberg. Rube Goldberg Machinery type thing. It's doing science and it's like all these levers and things will make things, you know, go like ball will go through here and then this thing will drop and then it'll finally goes until you connect it all together to catch the mouse in the end. Uh, speaking of that, that's kind of like a tool to be able to get people to move forward in your business. What kind of things do you like to use, uh, to inspire your followers to move forward into your business?

                         08:24 For me, I'm about real talk. You know, I see so much and you know, you and people listen to this, you see so much, you know, hype of like 10 days to tighter abs, 10 days to a tighter ass. And for me I'm like, yeah, that's possible. But what happens on day 20? That's possible. But like, what's your life? And so I like to come at it as like, what is a day in the life of Sally? Let's make a pro plan that works for Sally because I want you to be in this for the long haul. I don't want you three months from now being like, where's the next plan? Because I see so many people doing that where I'm like, I want to work with you right now and say, how do we make this your life? And it's not about hard. It's not about deprivation.

                         09:15 It's like, how do we make this your life? I'm not, that coach will never take away your coffee. I will never take away your wine. I will never take away your date nights. That will never happen. It's me helping you figure out how do you blend that in, how you blend that into your goals. How do you blend that into your life and create true balance, right. And you know, people say, oh, there's no balance. I'm like, I call Bs. There is balance. Like I think of it as like, you know, seesaw, like sometimes you get get on a seesaw and you're a little higher. Sometimes you get on a seesaw and you're a little later and it's just figuring out where that like tipping point is for you. And that's where most people don't want to do it. That's where, you know, as they say, ish hard.

                         09:58 If it gets hard, it does get hard. Any online tools that you like to use with people? Like my fitness pal or some kind of really popular one?

                         10:09 Uh, you know, honestly this, when people ask you about tracking, I'm, I'm about what's gonna work for you. I like my fitness pal. It works for me. It's easy for me to sit down at at the end of the day and type in all of my food. I like that. But some people, the numbers throw them off. So for me, the biggest thing tool is tracking. Like if you, if you break down every single thing, you put it in your mouth, you write down when you get up, when you sleep, you start to see a pattern emerge. And that's what I'm really looking for. That's what I want you to look for is like what are those patterns? You know, your boss tells you you got to stay late. Do you reach for sneakers? You know, your kids are, you know, you've got your p kids on bed on time. Do you reach for a glass of wine as a reward? You know, what are some of your,

                         10:52 let me tell you a little secret. This is something that a friend of mine used to do. And then I was like, Ooh, I can do that. She took a picture of every meal she ate. Yes. And because she didn't have time to document it in the moment. And also think about this, and this is something that is, it's not brand new. It's basically like Facebook stories or Instagram stories, brand new concept. But all noticed the other day if you do Facebook stories, you can upload like a picture of what you're eating or your water or whatever your exercise was that day. You can upload it into your Facebook story and share it only with a certain person or yourself. Do you use that?

                         11:38 Um, no I haven't, but I have a client, she is the same way. She's like, I can't remember it. I can't write it down. So she takes a picture and there's an app that I can't, I think it's called, I ate that. I think that's the name of that app. And it's literally an app. And so she takes a picture of the app and then at the end of the day she's like, I can go through, look at what was on my plate and be like, it was this, this, this, and this. So I can look, I can look at it. But it also, she's like, it makes me in the moment make better choices because she's met posted and it's, yeah, right. She's like, I, she goes, I know I need to take a picture of it and I know I need to tell someone about it. So then it's like, is this picture worthy?

                         12:13 If she used Facebook stories and only shared it with you, for example, you could then go back through if she pages that service, you can go through it and try to identify patterns for her to help her break certain things that may be detrimental to her of health. Yeah, and that's what I do through each week you send me your food log and through that week, I like that. So each week, each week my clients submit food blog and through, it's easier for me to see a pattern in a week than a day cause we all have that bad day. Right? So it's like no one gets penalized for a bad day. We all have them, but it's like, is it a bad week? Um, so as far as you doing this fitness, wellness type coaching with people, um, why are you doing it? What inspired you to actually start doing this and how, how long we've been doing it?

                         13:09 What's your experience? That sort of thing. What happens? So I've been doing this, you know, it's so funny cause like whenever people ask me this question, like, how long have I been doing this? I've been doing this for roughly 15 years. Wow. Um, it started out, um, my husband and I got married and he was turning 40 and he, his family doesn't have a very good health history. So I said, hey, why don't we give each other a personal trainer for Christmas thinking? Like, let's just do like, you know, let's give you totally the gift of health. And so we met, we met with the trader. I thought I was good. We met with a trainer. He's like, well, when you lose about 30 pounds, I was like, yeah. And so we went every Saturday at 7:00 AM and I lost the 30 pounds and I literally followed everything he said and I was like, fascinating.

                         14:01 Okay. He was just like so knowledgeable. Like I came every Saturday morning at 7:00 AM with like, okay Mike hear my questions and he answered every single one of my questions and he was like, okay, you need to do this, you need to do this for a living. I'm like, what are you talking about? He's like, yeah, you asked the best questions. He's like, you don't ask me like what foods this with you? He's like, you asked me like what goes on behind the scene, you should do this. And I was like, I've got a full time job, I'm full. And then eventually I kind of said, you know, I've got really got into the gym, really got into fitness and I said, I'm happy here. Like I am happiest when I'm at the gym. And I was able to translate the weight loss that I had at the gym into my work. Like I finally was able to see like what happens when you set a goal and you hit it. I was like, oh that's what happens. Like then you want to do thing, then you want to do another thing. And that's what helped me translate to my business or so made me think like, Huh, I could cough, sweet w open a business if I just set small goals.

                         15:01 Yeah. Do you mostly work online with people or do you have some offline like in-person clients?

                         15:07 Um, originally when I started I was like 50 50 and then I was sick of getting up in the morning so I slowly transitioned. And so I'd say 80% of my work is online. I still teach a handful of fitness classes. But for the bulk of my work is online

                         15:24 now. What tools do you use for the fitness part since you're not, you know, they're working out with them. What do you advise them to do?

                         15:33 So I would say 80% of my clientele, they know, they, they, they are very like gym savvy, like they've been to the gym before. If they're not the workouts that I do give them, I do have like a library of, um, exercises that I've physically taped myself. So if you don't know what a bicep curl is, there's a link that says this is what a bicep curl is. So most of my people just, um, wanted, you know, this is why I saw what I was at the gym. My clients would travel. There were, there were executive women where the bulk of my clientele and they would go to, they're like, hey, I'm going to Atlanta next week. Um, what do I do? And I'd be like, and I would just literally hand them a printout and they'd be like, okay, this is what I'm going to do while I'm in Atlanta for the next few days. And so that's what kind of planted the seed. Like they don't need me. They're counting reps. They just want someone to say, do this. Yeah,

                         16:23 let's just go through this wide, this workout of the day or whatever,

                         16:27 clay. And so that's what I did. So I was like, do this. And so, um, that's primarily what the women who come to me, they're like do this. And I just, some people don't know what things are, so it's like I'll just create a database of workouts and that way I can just mix and match everything and they just could always go to the glossary to find out the workout. Cool. Very cool. That's neat. So where did you grow up cam and where do you live now? I grew up on long island. I'm in New York, in New York and then uh, Aye I came to Boston to college and like probably 70% of the people who come to college in Boston. You stay. I thought I was going to be, my daughter's in college in Boston. She's going to stay. Are you sure? She's in the music industry though. There's a lot. She's got to leave. She's like, yeah, there's nothing that I have a, I still have one of the classes I teach is right next door to Berkeley. Yeah. You know, a lot of, a lot of the students come and take my class and you know, most of the people who are like, you know, musicians outside of like the symphony, they, they got to leave Boston cause we don't really have anything here.

                         17:33 Right, right. Yeah. She's at an internship at, in Nashville now that she did the summer. I think she actually finished it already, but she doesn't go back till September. Uh, we'll be flying up there later this month. So, um, to get her all settled back into the dorm again.

                         17:49 But you would think given, you know, Berkeley has been here for millions of years, that we would have more music.

                         17:55 Yeah, you would think so. And Nashville, I have to tell you, Nashville is really starting to lose a lot of its sound. National has grown so fast. Downtown is a crazy town and the experience of being down here can be very overwhelming. A lot of, we moved down here or actually moving out again and they had really put a lot of investment and a lot of time and effort into their homes down here, which we lived downtown. And my entire floor except for us is leaving or has left. Yeah. The last one is on the market right now. And so I'm just like, okay, I don't want Mama neighbors to leave. But I think with what I'm doing with this podcast and with this channel, it's called shout your cause. And my goal with that is to try to find more creativity and music and so on and so forth.

                         18:49 Bring into our lives and into our businesses to help us tell our stories because that is what is going to make real connections for people. And it's going to help people to get in touch with the right nonprofits, the right causes, the right coaches on the ground, doing the good work, uh, that sort of thing. Because, you know, you can get up on stage and you can try to sell something and package it and ob on TV and package it and hand it over to people. But without the accountability and the encouragement and the inspiration from people right around them, it's really, really, really hard for people to make change in their lives.

                         19:26 Absolutely. I feel. And I feel like that's been the, that's the missing piece. Like, you know, everyone's flooded online, but like, oh, mine

                         19:35 [inaudible]

                         19:36 we lost that like in person connection where like you felt like that sense of community and there's some places that there's community online, but I feel like there's still that

                         19:47 disconnect. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So earlier before we even started recording, I had asked you a, you know, who are your enemies in this space? And you said you didn't have any, which I liked, uh, explore that a little bit more and then tell me like, who your heroes are instead.

                         20:07 So it's funny when you asked me that. So, you know, I've, I first kind of started dabbling online. I would probably say like 2008 2009 and I remember, you know, I was still, you know that like floor trainer and you know, working for a million hours a week and there was a woman who, um, [inaudible] I was, you know, [inaudible] my floor training, but I was also had like another part time job to like, you know, I'm not 20 anymore, I need to pay my bills. And I'm like, yeah, I'm going to go, I'm going to do a full time training, I'm going to do this, blah blah, make the transition. And she was like, yeah, I want to do that too. So I was like, yeah, I've got to do was take the test, you know, six months oh a month to study it. And so then I moved out of that job.

                         20:50                   I went to training full time and probably like, I don't know, five years ago I saw she posts something on Facebook. I was like, Hey, I haven't heard from her in a really long time. So I shoot her a text and she never texts me back. And I'm like, Huh, it's interesting. Like whatever. And so my husband goes to her, her daughter works at a local bar and my husband sees the daughter, she's like, hey, you know how you doing? How's your mom? Blah blah, blah, blah blah. So then after that encounter, she texted me, she's like, you know, sorry I ghosted you but you know you were doing this and I kind of was still doing what I wanted to do and I didn't really want to be, you know, be around that. And then like I started personal training, not heroin. Like what did you not want to be around?

                         21:37 You're not one to be around someone who set a goal and went forward. Like I didn't, I like I didn't understand that. And so like we worked for this long locks, you told me to post whole story and I was like, you know what? Our vibe just does not connect anymore. And you know, you're not someone who's going to cheer for me. Even if even if you want to do what I want, I need you to cheer for me. Yeah, exactly. Cause like I cheer for everyone. Like you could be doing anything. And I'm like, wait a go walk on, I'm going to sit here on the sidelines and see what happens. But like I can't understand why people can't cheer for someone who is just doing good in the world. Exactly. I totally agree with you. Sometimes though, people are not in that space yet and they might be envious or jealous or something and they're not sure how to move past those feelings.

                         22:28 Um, so in a way she's probably got some sort of pain that she has not been able to solve yet. You have to give them enough grace and you know, let them be that they'll come around eventually or, and I'm that person that you could call me in 20 years and be like, Hey, Kim and I will talk to you like we just talked yesterday. So I'm like, if she comes around, she comes around, she doesn't, she does it. Well, what about your everyday heroes? Who were you hanging out with online since that's your stuff now, you know, who do you like? Who Inspires you? Who are your sisters in this, in this world? You know, it's, it's funny how like my, my husband doesn't really get this whole online space. Like how, like if I like last year I totally forgot you lived in Nashville, but I came to Nashville for like three days, but I remembered you live in Nashville, I would've totally called you. I'd be like, let's meet. I never would have thought it was weird that I've never met you in real life. Okay. And so several years ago, no, I'm lying. Like two years ago I went to a wedding of a woman I met online and so were everyone at the table with all friends from online and the mother of the groom was like, I don't get it. Y'All guys all met online and you're all here friends. So you know j Gemma

                         23:44                   I met.

                         23:45 Yup. I met her online. Um, Courtney, Nicole Davis, I met her, she was there, Cassie Howard. She was at the wedding and it was just like refreshing because I know if I met you in person, you can be the same person that you are online. Yeah. So it just like, just really brought it home that like when you connect with people online and they're true authentic people, they're going to be the same people.

                         24:08 Yeah. Mine come in person and I, so many people, like I've met jade, I've met, um, you know, a lot of other people in her group. A lot of people would migrate a lot of people that, my clients, people that have been on my team, et Cetera, et Cetera, et cetera. And I love meeting them in person and I know I'll end up meeting you too, because if you're right, I'll, you know, I'll be up there later this month. I might not be able to help meet you this time, just cause the living in the dorm and it's a short trip. But I might be able to, there's a, there's some sort of conference happening and um, and I, I might, I might need to extend my trip to stay longer, so we'll have to just say,

                         24:46 yeah, absolutely. But for me, I, I have, you know, I'm like fitness people, that's who I'm friendly with, but because they're my friends, so it's like, um, you know, it's still like, I'm friendly with this woman. Her name, she'll Coleman. Um, Danny j, uh, this woman Carrie Mantai, you know, I followed their stuff only because they're, wow, we're friends versus, you know, I have two friends that I also admire where they are this just a woman, uh, Natalie, new heart. Um, she's a new friend and I like adore her story. Um, and then like business wise, I love jade, you know, I follow a lot of what, um, in your Porterfield does. Um, I do a lot [inaudible] Kimbella Gorda Gornia like, so I just, I find people who keep it normal, keep it real. Right. Yeah.

                         25:36 What about causes? Do you support any particular nonprofits or certain causes that

                         25:43 close to you? Um, one of the biggest causes that, uh, my husband and I both support is Alzheimer's. Um, so, uh, actually two weeks ago, we just, um, we're part of a, it's a fishing tournament, which doesn't seem like something that should be oh, Alzheimer's related, but uh, it's uh, it's a giant fishing tournament where, you know, uh, they don't take any money. They basically, whatever the cost is, that's what they take. Anything above and beyond goes to, um, all simers. And so this year we were, we were able to raise over $300,000.

                         26:20 Wow. Race, race. Let me type this up cause I want to shout that out. When I, whenever I'm putting these episodes together, my goal is to figure out who are the other people that we could tag that maybe we know, um, also what support, you know, what cause could we support with the episodes so that we put a donation button with that and be shouted out on our Facebook business page and then we will, uh, I've got gotta I've got to figure out all the other little bits and pieces when it was just like, oh my goodness, I don't even know. I'm just trying to get the episode together, you know? I know that. So I appreciate so much that you've mentioned the Alzheimer's foundation. We've been very close with that as well. And we've got a really good friend who used to leave that here in Nashville for maybe even the whole southeast region of the country. But um, but I know that he was at least over Tennessee. Um, so one other thing I wanted to ask and I know that you probably market your business in all sorts of ways. We all do maybe name one, one of your favorite ways to market your business and then I have one last question and then we'll be done. What? I'm, it's funny, um, I never thought

                         27:41                   I like w with like, um, social media. I remember when I, you know, social media became, you must be on social media. I was like, ah, it's still felt so

                         27:52 this like a disconnect cause I'm in person kind of person. And um, now I find that, you know, when I connect with people offline or I connect with people one on one to like, oh my God, I love following you on Facebook.

                         28:06 And I never thought it would be something that w for me it was a half too. You know, and I'm sure many people listening to this as like, yeah, social media is, I have to, but I think I just took it to be like, it's what set in a non communal way. It's a way it makes

                         28:21 it makes people get to know me. It makes people have like a sense of community around me. Yeah. Well that's cool. I'm glad that you liked that because I mean it's very powerful and you don't really understand who all is watching you or what they're saying until you talk to them. And then they're like, oh it's everywhere. It's like,

                         28:38 where have you been? I don't see your likes clicking in there. And I'm looking at all these, they're there, they're there. Cause I remember like when I first decided to go online, I went to a conference and the guy's, and he's like, you know, you stick with it for years, you're gonna feel like it's your grandma always liking yourself and your mom always being like, oh girl, he could like, there's all these lurkers. And so just keep going. And I always like whenever I'm like awesome and I'm like two legs and then someone's like, oh, I read that. That was beautiful. I'm like, well where the hell was your life?

                         29:12 Yeah. Well yeah, like comment, share. Hello? Like comment, share. Yeah. Okay. So the last thing I wanted to ask, what's your favorite song called? Man? So I'm gonna say I'm trapped in the 80s

                         29:32 trapped. This is why, because I still, when I still teach classes, like I don't have to look for the explicit lyrics because like there was no such in the eighties so one of my favorites

                         29:42 [inaudible]

                         29:42 songs is, um,

Speaker 4:                         29:45 all right.

                         29:46 Everyone's got their something by Nikki Costa.

Speaker 4:                         29:49 Everyone's got

                         29:51 there some

Speaker 4:                         29:52 thing.

                         29:54 How do you spell Nikki's name? I want to say she's n. I. K. K. Aye.

Speaker 4:                         29:59 Okay.

                         30:01 All right. I'll see if I can find something similar or, yeah, I'll send you the, I'll send you the link of where to set a note. We could just attach music to our stuff and just, I know, damn right. Yeah. Here's the thing though, we are amassing a group of musicians on the ground in Nashville who can create something that's inspired by Nikki Costa.

                         30:23 Ah,

                         30:23 okay. That's the goal with this podcast is to be able to help people find their music, their creative story that to implement into their marketing strategies, if you will, because music really helps move.

                         30:38 Oh it does like it music. It's so powerful. I in my Facebook group I asked everyone, I'm like, if you were to like walk on stage, like what would be your theme song? And it was really interesting to see that. Okay. Dichotomy of music.

                         30:51 Yeah. I have no idea what that song is. Let me Google that too. I also like to know what song do you sing in the shower? Cause typically when people are in the shower and they there, it's like they're totally free. They're raw, they're in the moment. They're getting clean, they're washing away the worries of the day or the night or whatever it may be and trying, it's like a refreshing, clean slate, if you will. So what song would you say you would like to, you'd like to sing in the shower?

                         31:22 Oh, I like that. That's a good, that's, that's going to be my like, you know, talk back Tuesday.

                         31:27 Yeah. Do it. Uh, you have one. You know, it's funny.

                         31:34 Um, I don't sing in the shower. I, I'm one of those people when I shower, I'm like Mario Andretti on my, like, I need to be in and out of here as fast as possible and do that luxury.

                         31:45 Yep. Well maybe you ought to take, take a moment next time and see what time.

                         31:49 No, I mean, I do, I do listen to the radio. I listen to the radio when I'm in the shower and that was when I first moved in with my husband. He didn't understand that concept. I was like, how do you not listen to the radio in the back?

                         32:02 Exactly. Sometimes try to watch a show. I'll be watching a show on my phone or my iPad and I'll try to continue to watch it. But it's hard when you're in the shower to keep up with an actual show. Yeah. All right. So do you have a website that we can go to or a length that you want to give me that we can put out on this podcast notes?

                         32:25 Yeah, I think the easiest thing to do is to, um, go to, actually, you know what the easiest thing to do is just follow me on Instagram. Okay. And that's Kim Jefferson coach.

Speaker 4:                         32:38 Yeah, Jefferson

                         32:40 coach. So just altogether, altogether. Instagram. Kim Jefferson coach. Okay, cool. Well, I will definitely put that out there, if that's the easiest way to get to you. Yup. Thank you so much. This has been fun. This was fun. Thank you so much for thinking of me. You're welcome.

                         33:15 [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible].

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