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Guest on Geek Speak: A Look at Facebook Advertising with Sally Hendrick

Somehow Pip Seymour noticed me in a group on Facebook and reached out.

I was like, "What? Another redhead in this online space?" And that's all she wrote. We met in person at Social Media Marketing World two years in a row, then we finally got together online for a formal chat about Facebook ads.



Have you ever tried Facebook advertising?

Ya know when it gets super confusing and daunting and you feel like you can't learn this stuff. Yeah, I've been there too and sometimes I still feel that way. So today we get to chat it up with Sally and learn all about Facebook advertising.

If you're new to Facebook advertising or you're just looking for those actionable tips & hacks that you can implement today this one for you. What to know what's important to know when trying Facebook ads? ---- 👀Yup that's right we're going to take Look At Facebook Advertising and we have a Special Guest 🎈(more on that in a minute...).

This talk is going to be one of those talks you'll want a pen and paper for. We'll dive into;

📍1. The one most important thing you need to make sure you do & why.

📍2. Insights into targeting your ads and,

📍3. Helpful advice, trends, and tips that will surely help you save money time and money)

Are you excited? I totally am. Ask questions even on the replay.

Check out Seymour Digital Media

If you'd like to find Pip online with her trusty sidekick, Greg, you can find her here.


Sally Hendrick has been dotting i's and crossing t's for quite some time in the analytical space of digital marketing. She's here to help you move past the overwhelm with marketing and advertising your digital offers.

Go ahead and grab her free Facebook Ads Campaign Planner. Watch the on-demand dollar-a-day ads training while there!


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