How to Build the Content for Your Website's Work with Me Page to Attract Buying Customers

What is a Work with Me Page?

You probably think your Work with Me page is your sales page. It is, and it isn’t.

It’s your sales page in disguise. When someone comes by your store, they are window shopping. They are admiring the beautiful shoes on display, the picture of a happy girl in her prom dress, or snow skis placed in front of a ski resort with beautiful mountain scenery.

They are not looking at all the DETAILS of the offer. They are looking at the OUTCOME of the offer.

A Work with Me page can include a program title or description that presents an incredible outcome. Show a picture of a newlywed couple that leads to a page of engagement rings, a video of a smiling family on vacation that leads to resort accommodations, or an image of a digital nomad working remotely that takes someone to a digital course.

This page gives someone a taste of the BENEFITS and VISION of the OUTCOME if someone works with you.

Call to Action

Whether you sell consulting services, digital courses, or physical products, take your visitor into your sales funnel with that next step to get a freebie, call your store or office, message your Facebook messenger, set up an appointment, or learn more.

Let your sales funnel that leads to your sales page do the rest.

Examples of Work with Me Pages


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