How to Grow Your Retargeting Audiences to Thousands for Very Little Money

How Do I Grow My Retargeting Audiences on Facebook Quickly?

Video is king on Facebook, but in-stream video advertising placement is the way to go to build thousands upon thousands of audience members with very little money. This is especially helpful when you are reaching out to cold audiences to build a re-targeting audience for your more valuable, larger content pieces.

Video Length for In-Stream Ads

The video must be between 5 and 15 seconds in length in order to qualify for in-stream. In-stream videos are mid-roll video ads that play during other pages' videos. They're like quick commercials.

Advertising Placement

In order to have your quick commercial play, you must choose in-stream videos as your placement options. This selection is found at the Ad Set level of your Ads Manager. Note, however, that Audience Network in-stream videos do not allow you to build audiences. Only in-stream videos on Facebook desktop and mobile allow you to build audiences, so if you see that all your views are coming from Audience Networks on brand awareness, audience building campaigns, then you will want to turn that placement off.

Campaign Objectives

Note that in-stream videos only work when your Campaign Objective is one of the following:

  • Video Views,
  • Brand Awareness,
  • App Installs,
  • Reach, or
  • Engagement.

How to Create Ads for In-Stream Videos

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Click + Create.
  3. Choose Video viewsBrand awarenessApp installsReach or Engagement (Post Engagement) as your objective.
  4. Fill in the details of your campaign, including your audience, budget and schedule.
  5. In the Placements section, choose Automatic Placements or Edit Placements.
    • If you choose Automatic Placements, in-stream video is automatically included along with other optimal placements for delivery of your ad.
    • If you choose Edit Placements, you can select in-stream video (along with other placements).

Budgeting Your Ads

The cost per result on our in-stream ads has been $0.002 per 10-second view, which is 100 times less than our ads between 20 and 90 seconds.

If you'd like to build 100,000 video views, at this rate it would only cost $200. For longer videos, the standard of excellence is around $0.02 per 10-second view. That would cost you $2,000 for the same build of video views.

Content Ideas for Your Video Ads

So you may be asking what type of content should be used in a 15 second video. How can you get a branding message across?

Titles and tag lines are all you need.

Check these out.



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