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How to Raise Your Influence Online with a Media Page

How Do I Raise My Influence Online?

If you have been on podcasts, done interviews, maybe even gotten a quote or mention in a magazine or on TV, all that is great! So how do you let people know about these things without having to toot your own horn all the time?

Create a Media or Mentions Page on Your Website

First of all, it helps to have a page on your website that displays all the things you've done. You can have a logo listing going across from left to right of various publications, and you can link to your articles or podcast episodes from them.

For example, I have been featured in Social Media Examiner and USA Weekly, among other places. My website shows these logos with links to the original source.

Display Awards and Achievements

Not only can you display articles, podcasts, and interviews, consider displaying awards and achievements that you've earned, such as badges for programs you've completed. The following are my Blitz Metrics Pro Badges for Facebook advertising. These may not mean anything to you, but in the Facebook advertising world, they are important to build authority.

Show Interviews and Speaking Engagements

If you've conducted your own interviews, talk show episodes, podcasts, or have been a speaker at an event, feature those things on your media page as well with a link to the recordings. This will help when you apply for future speaking engagements.

Include Your Media Bio and Headshots

Include your bio and headshots on your media page. A short bio and a long one would be good to have, so that you don't have to search every time someone asks for it. You can always send them straight to your media page, where they can easily copy and paste.

Play a Sizzle Reel

Last, but not least, it helps to have a sizzle reel, which is a compilation video of your speaking engagements, showing you, the crowd, and logos of events where you've spoken. This can be automatically played at the very top when someone lands on your media page.

Advertise Your Media

Google and Facebook advertising are great ways to get the word out about the media you've been in. It doesn't hurt to mention that this is part of your protocol when it comes to putting the word out there to your fans and followers. Publishers love that!

Remember to post your media on all your social channels organically, too. How else can you raise your online influence?

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