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How to Target Friends with Facebook Advertising

facebook ads Nov 15, 2020

Your Facebook Account Can Get Shut Down If You Do Business on Your Personal Profile

So many entrepreneurs post business ideas on their personal profiles. This is against Facebook's Terms of Service and can get your account shut down. To avoid this, you want to keep your business activities on your Facebook Business Page where they belong. 

"But no one is looking at my business page!" you cry. That's because you haven't given it enough attention or time to grow.

For those of you who have been posting away on your personal profiles for so long, and you've built up a fan base there, it sure would be nice if you could advertise to those friends, wouldn't it?

Target Your Friends with Facebook Ads

While you are building content and engagement on your business page, here's a workaround to get ads out to your friends that you've been interacting with on your personal profile.

Create a new business page. Don't ask anyone to like it. You like it with your own personal profile. Then when you set up the targeting for the ad, choose "people who like the page and their friends". That way the ad will target you (the one person who liked the page) and your friends.

Show me, Sally!

Create a Saved Audience first under the Audiences section of Ads Manager. Click on the Connections option at the bottom of this section. Choose "Friends of people who like your page". Then type the name of the page that you created.

After you've created this saved audience, you can then use it as your targeted audience in a Facebook ad. Now there's no more complaining that you can't reach your friends with Facebook ads!


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