Map Your Customer Journey to Build Strong Online Relationships that Last

Map your customer journey to build strong online relationships that last

Every new member who comes into my membership gets this type of digital map as an included service for joining.🤩 After their custom map is created, they work on putting the pieces together, and get feedback from experts in digital marketing and advertising if they get stuck along the way.
It's a custom marketing and sales funnel - not just in flow chart form 📈 but in fully written out action steps that correlate with all the parts of the flow chart.

Knowing your customer journey first will save you time and money when building your sales funnels

How valuable would it be for YOU if you had this type of map to work from, so that you could:
  • 🤓See the custom path YOUR ideal clients should be taking to become paying customers.
  • Know where to spend your time to get to the money faster.
  • 🔍Focus on the exact steps to take to quickly wrap up this piece of your business.
  • 💰Finally get some consistent income, so you can serve your customers fully!
  • ✈️Then take a vacation while your funnels work FOR you.

Developing a free offer to grow your email list

You hear all about growing your email list and how important that is. It's true. You should grow your email list, but most people get stuck trying to come up with a great freebie idea when they don't even know what their business is really about in the first place.

This is one piece of your digital customer journey. It comes into play at different points on your custom map, depending on what type of services or products you offer, and depending on your most comfortable method of delivering content.

Consider starting with the benefits and outcomes your offer provides

Start by stating the outcome your clients will get by working with you or buying your products or services.

People buy what they want:

  • They don't want sales funnels.
  • They don't want meal plans.
  • They don't want software.
  • They don't want Facebook ads.
  • They don't want meditation rituals.

They want freedom, healthy bodies, transformations, paying customers, and peaceful minds!

Find out the real size of the audience that is paying attention to you online

Many people think that the size of their email list or the followers on their social channels are the only people that they've touched digitally.

This is a misnomer that most marketers miss.

  • It doesn't matter how big your email list is.
  • It doesn't matter how many followers you have on Instagram or Twitter.
  • It doesn't matter how many people like your Facebook page.
  • Your number of LinkedIn connections don't matter either.

These are vanity metrics only. They will not determine how well your offers will sell when you put them out there.

What matters most is how many people are engaging with your content. You can find out that number by having your tracking in place and measuring the right metrics on your Google Analytics and your Facebook Pixel.

How to get your own digital map to selling online

Now that many of my new students have their maps and plans in their hot little hands, they are ready to implement and get support while doing it from expert eyeballs in my group and live online meetings.
I'm not launching membership again until 2020, but in the meantime, I'm opening up this custom marketing and sales funnel planning service to my followers and email subscribers. That's the only path into membership at this time.
If you are interested in doing something like this, let's have a chat to see if we're a good fit. I like to know more about your business, where you stand at the moment with your digital assets, and personality chemistry is a must.

Apply now for a digital marketing discovery call

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