Nashville Exponential: A Creative Way to Get Inspired

nashville exponential

Hosting an event in person is hot for next year

The pandemic slowed us way down, but it's time to come roaring back to life and to come together. That's exactly what we are doing this spring!

Nashville Exponential is the name, inspired by how we get to grow and scale our businesses to be worth many times more than the hours we spend on them.

It's being held at the new Graff Museum, a graffiti museum dedicated to the art of recovery.

You can paint your dreams any way you like

One of the ways we get to paint our dreams is by spray painting a train. We'll do some goal setting exercises then take our list to the boxcar. See what it feels like to paint with air. Can you make out any of the words?

Before we paint the train, we'll abstractly paint our faces (and maybe each other's) for inspiration. Can you hear us laughing now? I can, and I can hardly wait to host this amazing conference.

We'll take a picture or two for you

While we are having all this fun on Saturday, award-winning photographer, John Partipilo, will be getting action shots of us doing our activities. You get the amazing opportunity to have professional headshots made on Sunday, so be sure to check out his work on Instagram.

Photographs by John Partipilo Photography

Learn to tell your story

Most of us know why we started our businesses, but most of us never get around to telling the story. So we're going to help you out with a business story to see how you can take it further. The exercise is called Once Upon a Time.

Nashville is the place

Music City is where we'll be March 31 from 7 pm to April 2 at 3 pm. Make your arrangements to be there at least for this scheduled time together.


The Nashville Exponential conference is March 31, April 1 & 2 at the Graff Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

Paint the Town by Numbers by Camilla Spadafino

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