Three (3) Ways to Craft a Great Coaching Offer for Life or Business Coaches


Crafting a great coaching offer is essential for attracting clients and showcasing the value you can provide as a life or business coach. Here are three ways to create a compelling coaching offer:

Clearly define the benefits and outcomes:

When crafting your coaching offer, focus on the specific benefits and outcomes your clients can expect from working with you. Understand your target audience's pain points, challenges, and goals, and tailor your offer to address those needs. Use language that emphasizes the positive impact of your coaching services on their lives or businesses. For example, instead of saying, "I offer business coaching sessions," you could say, "Accelerate your business growth and increase profits with personalized business coaching that helps you implement actionable strategies and overcome obstacles."

Showcase your unique approach and expertise:

Highlight what sets you apart from other coaches in the market. Explain your unique coaching methodology, techniques, or tools you use to bring about transformational change. Share testimonials or case studies from past clients to demonstrate your track record of success. Clients are more likely to invest in coaching services when they see that you have the expertise and a proven track record of helping others achieve their desired outcomes.

Offer personalized packages and add value:

Create different coaching packages to cater to various client needs and budgets. Consider offering a mix of one-on-one coaching sessions, group sessions, workshops, or additional resources like worksheets, e-books, or video tutorials. Providing value beyond the coaching sessions helps clients feel they are getting a comprehensive and tailored experience. You can also offer a free consultation or discovery call to discuss clients' goals and assess if your coaching is the right fit for them.

Bonus tip:

Pricing your coaching offer appropriately is crucial. Avoid underpricing yourself, as it may convey a lack of confidence in your services. On the other hand, don't overprice to the point where it becomes unaffordable for your target audience. Research the market rates for coaching services in your niche and set competitive prices based on your experience and expertise.

Remember that a great coaching offer communicates how you can make a positive difference in your clients' lives or businesses, so take the time to craft a compelling and persuasive message that resonates with your ideal clients.

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