Why I Left Corporate to Become an Entrepreneur Teaching Facebook Ads...and How That Could Help You

How I Went From Corporate Employee to Entrepreneur

I loved my career as an actuary and statistician. Otherwise I wouldn't have stayed in it for 25 years with practically the same people from Day 1. Often I would get questions to help others with technology, which was very satisfying.

What wasn't satisfying was catering to unappreciative brokers who often would throw me under the bus just to watch me crawl out from under it. It seemed to be a theme for a couple of them. I always managed to come out on top and hold my arguments with proof of concept, but after it was done, the dirt from the ground started to wear on me.

How I Got Started Teaching Ads

I had been helping a friend with some marketing technology for her business, started to get more questions from others to help them in their businesses, when suddenly I realized that I needed to figure out how to create courses and teach others.

That's how my Go-Sally-Go Consulting, LLC. brand and Social Media Traffic School began.

Family and Creativity

As I've raised my family over the years, I put a lot of creativity into our home, the travels we've experienced, and even into my kids' birthday parties. Everything in our house has a place, a purpose, and ties into something personal in our lives.

Once I started creating a website and courses, my creative side began to shine in my work! That was a first for me. One can only put so many colors and shapes on an actuarial report to present to the board of a Fortune 50 company when outlining financials. This new venture was starting to take shape and allowed me to tap into my creative side.

Statistics and Facebook Ads

Once I delved into the marketing and advertising world with courses on email marketing, blogging & SEO, website building, sales page construction, digital market research, program development, and Facebook ads, I realized that the marketing statistics and logistical sequences were where I could shine the best.

Not only was I getting to create graphics, edit videos, and put together workbooks with step-by-step instructions, I was getting to analyze data, something that I've been very good at for a long time in my career.

Jumping Ship

After a couple of years of developing my online academy, while at the same time teaching others at work how to handle most of my actuarial clients, I was able to safely leave the corporate world and dive head first into entrepreneurship.

It was scary and wonderful at the same time. I had many sleepless nights worrying where my next clients would come from, but over time, things started to settle into a routine. Now my life is much more consistent with a membership site and mastermind, where I host live video calls and provide evergreen material to my members.

Changes and Struggles of Entrepreneurship

The past year has been a rough one for me personally. My mother died after 16 years of illness and 6 years of me being her primary care manager while she was wheelchair bound. I began to question everything about what I was doing. Depression set in, and at the same time, I sabotaged a great opportunity that would bring me a consistent flow of clients for years to come.

What happened was that I was starting to DO Facebook ads for clients, instead of coaching them to do them for themselves, and the pressure of having to perform was too much for me at the time. The opportunity I sabotaged ended up being a blessing to me that it went away. It was too much, too fast, and I needed to grow slowly into this new role while going through the grieving process.

Now I am handling multiple accounts by doing Facebook advertising audits to start with a client, while growing my membership steadily with automation each month. It's becoming the dream I had all along.

The Future to Come

So what's next? I'm not 100% certain, but I believe I see more speaking opportunities and workshops in my future. I'd love to get on a team of trainers to travel the world teaching Facebook ads to more people, while growing my client base, and learning more and more, so I can serve the people who follow me in the best way possible.

Are you ready to make the jump yet from your day job to entrepreneurship? Respond with your status on this thread.


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