100 Evergreen Niches – A Comprehensive Guide to Niching Your Life Coaching or Consulting Business

To succeed in this world takes maximizing your potential. A life coach is professionally trained to help you reach your goals no matter what area of focus you need help in. The four (4) main areas to niche within are relationships, health, leisure, and career.

Covering all the bases at once is like trying to butter everyone’s toast. There’s simply not enough of you to go around to help everyone at the same time. Marketing is also much simpler when you focus on one area of life and go deep into that particular topic.

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Choosing a niche is one of the most challenging parts of starting an online coaching business. If you are just starting out and you’re looking for a profitable niche, this list will give you some of the most profitable evergreen niches. Each of these niches is popular, and they will stay that way. In the social media marketing world, competition is good, because it allows you to piggyback on the success of larger sites and communities.

Wellness Coaching

There are many evergreen niches, but wellness is one of the biggest and most popular. Site visitors are always searching for new weight loss tips, muscle building tips, ways to eat healthy, or how to meet specific nutrition needs. Search volumes are immense. Content in a wellness niche is easy to create. If you’re not much of a writer, you can get content written for you for little investment.

How do you niche your wellness coaching business?

Muscle building accompanies weight loss, and it mainly targets the male demographic. For many online marketers, muscle building is one of the simplest evergreen niches to crack.

Another segment is focusing on people who have had gastro-bypass surgery or some other bariatric surgery. Their problems center around how to manage their weight, food intake, and cravings after the extra weight is gone, so they don’t re-gain it or further complicate health problems as a result of their surgery.

See more options in the list of 100 niches at the end of the article.

How do you supplement your wellness coaching income?

Offers for related muscle building or fat burning supplements are an awesome way to monetize affiliate sites. Or if you aren’t afraid of the camera, creating a fitness course with your own routines can be quote profitable. Digital courses can be easily modified to fit particular clients or modifcations by modulizing exercise routines into shorter lessons.

One of Social Media Traffic School’s students prefers motivating her clients to workout, but she knows that nutrition is key to weight management. Her digital courses are about nutrition, so she can focus on the motivation aspect of helping her clients with her live sessions and encouraging posts.

How do you market your wellness coaching practice?

Facebook Live is an incredible way to get and stay visible on social media. Quick tip videos are great exposure, and if done routinely, followers and fans come to expect to see your tips in their news feed. Use these opportunities to lead people into free offers to capture their email address in exchange for a free downloadable recipe file or meal plan. Having someone’s email gives you the power to remarket to them with more emails or Facebook ads via a custom audience.

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Relationship Coaching

Relationships are how we stay connected with other people and how we behave with each other. Teamwork is the definition of creating effective and efficient relationships. Everyone requires a little give and a little take.

How do you niche your relationship coaching business?

Take relationship coaching, for example. Everyone should have a special someone, and the dating niche is massive. Its search traffic may be harder to harness, but social media potential is incredible. If you want to get started in the evergreen dating niche, there are numerous dating sites to research and help your clients to navigate. A dating coach can use informational products to help readers find love, friendship and companionship.

Managing relationships isn’t only about dating. Consider other relationships to niche your coaching business, such as parent/child, sandwich generation (elderly parents and children at home), sibling, or workplace relationships.

As long as people continue to have children, the parenting niche will continue to be popular. It’s evergreen because society continues to grow and evolve, and children’s needs are changing along with it. The parenting niche is rather broad, containing topics from education to creative play to discipline, and there are tons of information products out there for you to build sites around or turn into an email series.

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How do you supplement your relationship coaching income?

If you find yourself repeating the same things over and over again with your clients, that’s curriculum that could be put into a digital course. The course can be used as a bonus for private coaching packages, or supplemental information for someone who needs a bit more, or sold separately as a passive income source.

How do you market your relationship coaching practice?

Writing blog articles and recording podcasts are great ways to generate content that is evergreen on your website. Guest blogging for other sites that also cater to your niche gets you backlinks, which are super important for search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is how you are found in Google searches and other search sites, like Bing.

Business or Leisure Lifestyle Coaching

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In addition to wellness and relationship coaching, business and leisure lifestyle coaching have many viable niches within which to focus. Check out this comprehensive list.

100 viable niches that are evergreen

  1. ADHD
  2. Acne
  3. Alcoholism
  4. Alzheimers
  5. Anxiety
  6. Anger Management
  7. Anti Aging
  8. Antiquing
  9. Anxiety
  10. Arthritis
  11. Asthma
  12. Back Pain
  13. Backpacking
  14. Bass Fishing
  15. Birthday Party Planning
  16. Boating & Sailing
  17. Boxing
  18. Budgeting
  19. Camping and Hiking
  20. Ceramics
  21. Chicken Raising
  22. Chronic Fatigue
  23. Confidence
  24. Cooking/Recipes
  25. Copywriting
  26. Cure Hemorrhoids
  27. Decorating
  28. Depression
  29. Diabetes
  30. Divorce
  31. Dog Training
  32. Dropshipping
  33. Eating Disorders
  34. Education
  35. Elderly Care
  36. Facebook Marketing
  37. Fashion Advice
  38. Fitness
  39. Foot Care
  40. Forgiveness
  41. Gambling
  42. Gaming Addiction
  43. Gardening
  44. Get Your Ex Back
  45. Golfing
  46. Green Living
  47. Hair Loss
  48. Headaches
  49. Heart Disease
  50. Hiking
  51. Home and Garden
  52. Hunting
  53. Hypnosis
  54. Hypoglycemia
  55. Insurance
  56. Interior Design
  57. Landscaping
  58. Lawn Care/Gardening
  59. Learn The Guitar
  60. Learning new languages
  61. Life Coaching
  62. Marriage Advice
  63. Martial Arts
  64. Massage
  65. Memory Improvement
  66. Menopause
  67. Mental Health
  68. Money Mindset
  69. Motherhood
  70. Motivation
  71. Mountain Biking
  72. Mountain Climbing
  73. Natural Healing
  74. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  75. Organic Food
  76. Organic Farming
  77. Parenting
  78. Photography
  79. Poker
  80. Pregnancy
  81. Psychology
  82. Public Domain
  83. Quilting
  84. Relationships
  85. Running
  86. Saltwater Fishing
  87. Scrapbooking
  88. Self Defense
  89. Skiing
  90. Stop Snoring
  91. Stress Reduction
  92. Tattoo Removal
  93. Time Management
  94. Wedding Planning
  95. Weight Loss
  96. Weight Training
  97. Wine Making
  98. Woodworking
  99. Wrestling
  100. Yoga

The above mentioned evergreen niches are highly profitable and will continue to be. You can start off with any of these niches, with the assurance that you’ve made a good choice. If you need additional help starting your website, promoting it or if you just need more info on becoming an evergreen niche superhero, keep coming back for more useful tips.

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