Iā€™m Calling BS on Fast-track Launching for Coaches and Consultants

You heard me. 

I’m calling BS on fast-track launching for coaches and consultants.

Gurus out there are always talking about spending massive amounts of money to cold traffic to get people into webinars or on your list to download some piddly one page resource that creates a win. 

Yes, I’ve touted the same strategies before, but I’ve changed my mind, as a woman has the right to do, and I’m calling bullshit on the same ole techniques and strategies of the 20-teens.

I've seen the evidence and know this overnight success is a unicorn.

It’s time to grow up and act like real businesses who don’t push get-rich-quick digital schemes, webinars that bring in loads of traffic and buyers (they’re dying, by the way), and slick upsell/downsell funnels with timers running out to get the best deal before it’s gone.

No. You don’t need all that. 

It’s time to get back to basics and act like real businesses with real connections with real people, not overly-automated bots. 

Entrepreneurs are stressed out and tired of gambling money on fast-track launches

Entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants are sick of investing their money in digital ads to push people quickly through complicated sales funnels that don’t necessarily work. 

Sure, you have the one-hit wonders or people who have long reputations of getting great results for their clients still succeeding at these strategies that they’re selling. 

But the new players of the digital game are getting left behind with dried up bank accounts and shattered hopes of becoming the next Facebook-famous expert in their field. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Facebook ads and sales funnels don’t work. They absolutely do. But we have to find new ways of gaining attention in a competitive market where ad space is diminishing before our eyes. 

You’ve seen it. Facebook keeps opening up new places to send ads, like audience networks, Messenger, stories, what’s app, Instagram, instant articles, and who knows what else. I get messages all the time from friends who say, “Hey! I saw your ad on my Android home screen!” or, “I was playing solitaire the other day when you suddenly showed up in the middle of my game! How’d you do that?”

When you advertise valuable content regularly, people pay attention

These days, the things I teach my clients to do is to advertise ALL THE TIME with 3 types of content:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Nurture
  3. Sales page re-targeting

So what does that even mean?

Raise awareness that your brand exists

You should have short videos (5-15 seconds or 1-3 minutes) that are always sprinkling across the web to new, cold audiences who have never heard of you before.  

Why video?

Facebook allows you to tap into the people who watch your videos and pool them into buckets, so that you can advertise to them again later on with juicier messages.

This is one of the least expensive ways to advertise on Facebook.

Dollar a Day Advertising Method

Push the sale when your customer shows up at the virtual cash register

If people are stalking your sales page, by golly, you better be sending them back with convincing content to finalize their purchase.

That includes testimonials with amazing results, reasons to push past their fears and doubts that your product will solve their problem, or one-time savings links that give them a special deal that can’t be accessed elsewhere.

Forget the timers.

Forget the stressful open and close cart launches.

Put out those re-targeting ads to get people back to your shopping cart with a coupon that expires. They'll buy if they're truly ready for your offer. Again, these types of ads do not cost you your life like hard-hitting lead gen and webinar sign ups.

Nurture your followers with valuable content

Act like a real business that produces great content, establishes authority in said industry, and regularly entertains their audiences with content they want to consume and share.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

  • Blog regularly.
  • Do a podcast.
  • Post on social, and
  • Put some money behind it. Every post, y’all!

The clients I have that push their content out with ad spend to their warm audiences on a regular basis make the most money over the long haul. They have better launches, and their clients stick around longer, reducing that churn rate on memberships.

The get-rich-quick webinars to cold audiences are simply too expensive to test out. Work on these other things first, build up a warm audience, then invite those people to your webinars.

Save lead generation as turbo boosts

I’m not saying you don’t need lead generation funnels. Not that at all!

You still need to have opt-ins for resources to grow your email lists, but stop thinking that you’ve got to sell something to those newbies right away. The more effort you put into nurturing content, the better. 

Continue to invite your followers to connect with you either on a webinar or personally on a discovery call. Ask for the sale in these situations, but stop trying to rush people. They are tired of these methods.

Have your website ready to hold each visitor's hand as he or she walks through the customer journey that opens up in a natural flow.

Facebook ads don’t have to break the bank

When you are running the cold-traffic-to-webinar-to-sales method, you are gambling a load on a game that time and again is costing more and more entrepreneurs their shirts, especially if you are new to digital marketing.

The gurus out there are publishing books that detail the methods to use and swear by them, convincing thousands of people to follow their lead and drop wads of cash on a roulette wheel that brings slim odds of winning.

What you have to realize is that these people pushing these hard-driven methods aren't selling coaching to make you successful. They are selling software.

Stop thinking this will work for you overnight! It takes more than one funnel to figure this out, so please stop drinking the get-rich-quick Kool-aid.

Cold Traffic to Webinars to Sales Don't Work Anymore - See What Does

Get back to business basics and relationship building

The least expensive and most effective campaign objectives for Facebook ads go for traffic, engagement, and video views. 

Pay attention to this.

Put money behind getting more traffic to your website, more engagement on your business page posts, and more views of your videos. 

Save the costly conversion campaigns for those push times, or have them running steadily in the background while you are serving your clients.

And by all means, save your money to serve your clients, show up in your business, and connect with people in person.

You’ll feel more genuine that way, and your clients will thank you for it.


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