Create Your First Funnel for Endless Lead Generation

Marketing is a scientific process that starts with theoretical ideas that must be tweaked and adjusted based actual results. Landing pages must be tested, reformatted, duplicated, and updated to find the right formula for every business. No two sales funnels are alike, and not every page, image, message or video resonates optimally.

Because the nature of marketing is so volatile, keep an open and flexible mind when crafting your sales funnels. The ebb and flow of the market is an ever-changing landscape.

What are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are anything from opt-in pages to thank you pages to webinar sign ups or sales pages. Think of a staircase with landings on it. Every time someone climbs a floor, there is a landing where they can rest or gather information needed before advancing to the next level.

Sometimes they remain there and never advance. Sometimes they leave the staircase altogether. Other times they move forward, which means they are getting closer and closer to buying what you have to offer.

Elements of an Opt-in Landing Page that Converts

Let’s start with an opt-in page, which is the first point that someone enters your ‘store’, ‘location’, or ‘website’, especially from a digital ad. You are not asking for money at this point. You are asking for an email address, so you can market to this person with follow up calls-to-action, emails or Facebook ads.

Having someone’s email address is very powerful, but you MUST treat it with respect and deliver the information they indicate they want from you by tracking what they do once they land on your page.

Why would someone give you their email address?

Usually someone gives you their email as a source of currency to receive something of value in return from you. This is often called a freebie, freemium, or lead magnet.

Which type of lead magnet would you like to provide?

  • Downloadable document
  • Resource guide
  • Mini-course
  • Pre-recorded or live webinar
  • Challenge or mini-course
  • Something else?

Some questions to ask yourself when developing your lead magnet:

  • Who is this lead magnet for?
    1. Describe your buyer’s persona by defining 3 types of people your products or services may be for.
  • What particular problem are you solving with your lead magnet?
  • How will this lead magnet help your potential buyer right now?
  • Why are you the right person to solve this problem? What is your expertise or experience with it?
    1. You do not have to get super-detailed with your bio at this point. Just a quick introduction or simple story is enough.
  • What does this lead magnet have to do with your full offer that you’re “leading” this person to?
  • Will the answers above fit onto one webpage or within a 1 to 2 minute video?
    1. If not, go back and make your answers more concise. Cut out wordy descriptions. Rephrase your sentences to use single words that encompass fuller meaning than you may be saying in larger phrases. If this is something that you still have trouble with after you create your page, bounce your copy off others to get feedback, or hire a copywriter to help you get your message across for optimal results.
  • Are you using marketing software to create your landing pages?
    • Marketing software allows you to easily create webpages, track them, duplicate them, or link them together. Because marketing requires testing multiple pages, images, videos, audiences, and freebies, having software that is flexible enough to switch out elements saves time and money.
      • Kajabi is an all-in-one solution for marketing software and website hosting. It includes membership site capabilities, email marketing, sales funnels, and your website. (My favorite J)
      • Leadpages provides landing pages, thank you pages, webinar pages, and more. It’s great for testing your marketing and sales funnels.
    • What conversion statistics are expected?
      • Once someone makes the decision to click on your landing page, it does not necessarily mean they will give you their email address to receive your lead magnet. If at least 30% of visitors who click on your page do not input their email, then this page is not as successful as it should be.
      • To successfully troubleshoot an opt-in landing page, check for congruency with the ad or source that the visitor clicked from, keep the page simple, and only have one call-to-action.
    • Do you have other links or menus showing on your landing page?
      • The only links that should be on this page are ones that ask for the person’s email. Do not lead them anywhere else. The purpose of the page is to get their email address submission, not send them to read another page or blog post or to surf your website. This is essentially a micro-site that LEADS them to your actual website.
    • How did they get to your page?
      • If the person clicked on your Facebook business page call-to-action button, a social media post, or an advertisement, does your landing page have a similar look and feel and verbiage as the original post they came from? If not, you should keep these things congruent from the initial introduction to your content to the landing page. That means keep the same fonts, messaging, colors, wording, and messaging, so it is recognizable to them.
    • Is your messaging clear and concise?
      • As mentioned before, your copy, media, other elements must speak to the person who has clicked on your landing page. Have others review your page to make sure they understand what to do and what they’re getting. If your beta tester has questions, address them in your next version of your landing page.

The Importance of a Thank You Page

A Thank You Page comes after the opt-in page (or after a sales/checkout page). Welcome and thank the person who has just entered your digital front door. Invite them to come sit down and get to know you better. That’s the sentiment of this part of the sales conversation.

A Thank You Page answers one or more of the following questions:

  • What does the person need to do to consume a lead magnet?
    • Download something directly from the page
    • Check their email
    • Look in spam folder
    • Watch a video
    • Get added to an email sequence.
  • What are the next steps after receiving their lead magnet?
    • Join a group or forum
    • Book a call
    • Buy a tripwire offer (introductory offer)
    • Sign up for a webinar
    • Fill out a form
    • Click on another landing page or sales page
    • Book a call with you.
  • If someone bought your program or a product, what should they expect next?
    • Join a group or forum
    • Register for a digital product
    • Get instructions on a shipment
    • Book a session
    • Fill out an onboarding form
    • Get added to an email sequence.

No matter what comes next in your sales or onboarding process, make sure your subscriber knows what action to take next to get one step closer by having that next call-to-action ready.

Thank You Page Checklist

The following things require technical know-how if you want them automated. Automation takes processes that are repeated with every prospect or customer, so that you can work on the relationship and customization with your client, rather than administrative work.

Automation saves time, decreases or eliminates errors, documents the activity your prospects and clients take, gives your client the information they need to move forward, and ultimately saves you and your clients money by not paying for manual administrative functions.

Ensure that you are handling all the items in this checklist.

  • Make page look consistent with opt-in or sales page
  • Thank or welcome the person
  • Deliver the goods (instruct on download or purchase)
  • Install tracking codes for retargeting ability later on
  • Add to customer or lead database
  • Diary or schedule follow up
  • Add to email sequences
  • Give next call-to-action

Congratulations! You now have the knowledge you need to create your first digital funnel. Check out one of my marketing funnels here:

             Free Facebook Ads Checklist

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