Highlights from Kajabi's Impact Summit for Online Business Owners

Wow! What a conference! There was so much energy in the room, excitement for the future, and fantastic advice from top-notch speakers. I'm talking about the Kajabi Impact Summit in Irvine, CA.

This gal traveled from Nashville to Los Angeles, rented a car, and drove south to Irvine, the headquarters of Kajabi, the premier marketing software. While there, I met current clients and hopefully will gain a few new ones from the many connections made. 

The Status of the Online Knowledge Commerce Industry

Jonathan Cronstedt (AKA JCron), President of Kajabi, was an incredible master of ceremonies with his dancing and joking, keeping the crowd energized and laughing. He had us all in stitches with his Baby Shark dance and aspirations of moving it like Usher. He also shared some great information about the status of the knowledge commerce industry, you know, digital courses, online coaching, and the like.

Here's a beautiful graphic summary by Kelly Monroe, a talented artist who took summary notes from the speakers and turned them into graphic representations. Click to see it on Instagram.


All These Amazing Speakers in One Place

From Brendon Burchard (Live. Love. Matter.) and Rachel Hollis, (Girl, Wash Your Face author) to Neil Patel and James Wedmore, Kajabi brought out all the stops with their line-up.

Rachel Hollis Takeaways

"Comparison is the death of your dreams," she says. You have to do you and stop comparing yourself to others. Only you have the ability to bring your message to the world.

Check out this graphic summary by Brandy Agerbeck, another talented artist who provided summaries to the Kajabi community. Click to see it on Instagram.

Chalene Johnson Takeaways

Chalene not only gave us great advice on our sales pages, she danced with us all over the room to keep the energy moving.

Check out her sales formula that she uses every time, whether it's an opt-in for a free lead magnet or an offer for sale.

  1. Their known problem
  2. Empathy
  3. Expert positioning
  4. Possibility
  5. Story that illustrates the solution
  6. Unique solution - the offer
  7. How it works
  8. Rejection risk (juxtaposition)
  9. Investment
  10. Possibility (testimonials)
  11. Call-to-action
  12. Fast-action bonus

Amy Porterfield Takeaways

The queen of webinars and email sequences for selling brought her expertise to the stage. As many of us do, Amy Porterfield learns the hard way, so she shared her 10 battle-tested launching lessons.

View another descriptive graphic by Kelly Monroe. Click to see it on Instagram.

Jasmine Star Takeaways

Teaching us to build trust through conversations, showcase our value and benefits to end users, and to provide solutions and resources that our audiences desire was the amazing Jasmine Star.

Her formula for success is:

  1. Position your audience in a favorable light.
  2. Nurture your followers and highlight the reasons why they need your product.
  3. Announce your webinar or whatever method you're using for sharing and selling.
  4. Create deadlines with expiring bonuses and reiterate the benefits of your offer.

Kajabi's Upcoming Features

For those of you who use Kajabi, you're in for a real treat! Check out some of the features that are being worked on for 2019:

  • Upgraded analytics
  • Sales tax differentiation by location
  • 'Encore' templates for even better landing pages
  • A kick-ass email editor and templates
  • More automation
  • Additional segmentation
  • Up-leveled service for Kajabians with phone and text options
  • A community app for Kajabi users
  • Apps for each user's own site (Can't wait to share this with my clients!)

Get Noticed at Events with Facebook Ads

Without diminishing the importance of all the great speakers and their messages to us, I can't help but love the networking at these events more than anything.

To help get my own name out there to others at the event, I ran ads with some geo-targeting combined with interest targeting for the industry. It worked! Several people reached out to me via Messenger, and I've got appointments on my calendar to connect further with those I met.

Here's what my ad looks like. Really simple. No bells and whistles.


If you'd like more strategies to get noticed at events, check out this article with several ways detailed step-by-step for you.

And if you'd like to go next year to Kajabi's Impact Summit, let me know. I'll definitely be back!

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