How to Build the Content for Your Website's About Page to Impress Visitors into Doing Business with You

One of the first pages that is clicked on after someone lands somewhere on your website is the About Page.

Visitors want to see who is behind the information that they are consuming. It’s possible they came in because of a blog post you promoted on social media, or maybe you gave them your business card at an event. They could have found you in a Google search, too.

In general, people are curious about people, so that’s what this page is about. It brings out your story of why you started your business in the first place, how you can help with a particular problem, or why you’re an expert in what you do.

This page is NOT your resume. Park that on LinkedIn with your job history and volunteer work.

This page is about you to a certain extent, but it’s more about your potential clients or customers. Everything must be turned around to show how you are the right fit for the person learning about you.

Essentially, this is a sales page that sells you or your company based on elements such as:

  • Business back-story
  • Unique expertise
  • Brand archetype
  • Personality
  • Common interests

Let’s get started!

Your Back-Story

Whose hero are you?

List the people who are always asking advice from you. What common problems do these people seem to have? (For example: Date night always turns into going over the family schedule instead of truly connecting with your loved one.)

What happens when the problem is solved?

This is the turning point when obstacles disappear and new things open up. (For example: When someone loses weight, they don’t feel they have to hide behind their family in pictures anymore.)

What is your story that made you the hero?

This is your why. Be brutally honest and deep with your story. (For example: Sally was happy to help others understand how to use technology, but it became exhausting when the requests starting coming every week…and she wasn’t getting paid for it. She was stressed out trying to keep up with everything, so she created courses to shorten the learning curve and deliver information more efficiently.)

What is unique about how your solution worked?

Problems can be solved in many different ways. Why did your way work? Who can vouch for your way besides you? (For example: Because of high blood pressure, the other methods were not suitable and interfered with hypertension medication. This method takes this into consideration by….)

What common interests do you typically have with your clients?

When people have common backgrounds, interests, or hobbies, they have more to work with to build a lasting relationship. This could be family, upbringing, hobbies, desires, and/or habits. (For example: Hiking, traveling, or taking the kids to Disney…)

How can someone learn from you?

Write a summary of how you work with people to help them. Include a call to action. (For example: My signature program…or this product coupled with my coaching services…Click here to learn more or have a pop-up that lures into a freebie or consult.)

Examples of About Pages

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